View and Examine Virtually Any Mesh – For Free

Have you ever been given a mesh file but had no way to look at it or evaluate some of its quality metrics? The Pointwise Viewer provides precisely that functionality and is available for free. How about starting the new year with a free, handy tool? Read on for the details.

The freely available Pointwise Viewer can view virtually any mesh file in 3D, display it in a variety of styles, and compute any of dozens of mesh quality metrics.

Built-in mesh importers are available for over two dozen formats including CGNS, FUN3D, OpenFOAM, SU2, UGRID and more. If a mesh format isn’t available, Pointwise’s Plugin SDK is available for you to write your own mesh importer that will appear in the user interface automatically at startup.

The meshes can be displayed in whatever manner best suits the user’s needs: wireframe, hidden line, solid fill, or shaded. Tools are available for measuring distances and displaying cells with cutting planes.

You can assess your mesh’s quality by computing and displaying a wide variety of metrics including Jacobian, skewness, minimum/maximum included angles, size ratios, and more.

Pointwise Viewer also provides geometry model viewing capability for models in ACIS, CATIA, Creo, IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, STL, and other formats.

Get Pointwise Viewer Today

Request your own Pointwise Viewer today from our website.

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