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A new year calls for new software releases and new job openings and that’s what you’ll find in this week’s smattering of CFD news. For those of you with time to read, there’s material on geometry modeling, web-based UI development, turbulence modeling, adaptive mesh generation, and more. Shown here are CFD results for transmission stators.




AMR in STAR-CCM+. Image from an article by David Penner. See link below.


Illustration of the highest resolution simulation of turbulence during galaxy formation.

CFD for…

You know I spend too much time on teh interwebs when I see the photo on the left about nuclear packaging fire safety and immediately think about the meme on the right. See link above.

Clean Meshing

Our friends at nTopology have quite a sense of humor because when I first saw their “Employees Must Clean Meshes” stickers I literally LOLd. (And I didn’t even notice “Death to STL” below the image.)

And they’re a nice bunch of people too because when I shared online that I loved that sticker, look what arrived in the mail a few weeks later.

Stickers, and decals, and shirts – oh my.

Now if I just knew someone I could share some of these with.

Update: Reworded the last sentence to clarify the meaning.

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