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Based on the number of event announcements and updates in this week’s CFD news, everyone’s desire to bring the CFD community together at conferences is almost palpable even though we’re still waiting for the first fully in-person event. From the Reading department comes an open-source CFD textbook, a survey on CAD, and a whitepaper on geometry modeling for CFD (that we hope you’ll read and comment on.) And of course, plenty of software releases and applied CFD. Shown here is a simulation of a Caruthers Waterwheel, designed for efficient, micro hydro electricity generation.





There’s just something about a structured grid. These are for blood pumps from an article by GridPro.

CFD for…

Sometimes a Snowflake is Just a Snowflake

No, this is not an homage to Frozen from my Disney fandom. Snowflakes are an interesting example of geometry (crystal growth). So I leave you with hours of pure fun with the Snowflake Generator.

Example output from the snowflake generator. See link above.

Bonus: DFW outranks Silicon Valley in new report of best U.S. tech hubs.

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