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It’s been an interesting week if record-setting cold, the lack of electricity, and untreated tap water are things you find interesting. Yes, Texas sure has been putting on a show. Despite that, we were able to release a new version of Pointwise for CFD meshing. Good thing that the rest of the CFD world kept chugging along as evidenced by a slew of software releases, a gaggle of financial results, and an intrepid event coming this August that plans to be held in the flesh. Shown here are results from some of the research being done at the Turbulence Simulation Group at Imperial College London.


Visualization of the wake behind an aircraft from a case study about Airinnova’s work to automate CFD simulations.



Flowfield behind the Ahmed body computed using Simcenter FloEFD from an article about the code’s turbulence models.


  • CPACS (Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema) is “a data definition for the air transportation system. CPACS enables engineers to exchange information between their tools. It is therefore a driver for multi-disciplinary and multi-fidelity design in distributed environments.”
  • Only true geometers will be interested in reading about SolidWorks’ boundary surface feature.
  • The Turbulence Simulation Group at Imperial College London is responsible for the Xcompcat3d suite of flow solvers.
  • The QuickerSim CFD Toolbox is now part of the Altair Partner Alliance.
  • VCollab is now available to MSC Software’s customers through MSCOne.
  • Curious about running an FEA simulation in OnScale? Here’s your how-to article.
  • Altair Simulation 2021 has been released.
  • ITI launched CADfix Viz for converting CAD models for use in AR/VAR apps.
  • Zenotech released PyEPIC for workflow management for their cloud platform.

CFD for…

I just love this image of a simulation by SPH-flow.

From Pointwise


It doesn’t look like much in a still photo so head over to MindBuffer’s website to see the video of MORPH in (inter)action.

MORPH: a kinetic, interactive, audio/visual installation from MindBuffer.

Bonus: Simple geometry shows how to easily slice a pizza so you and a friend get equal amounts.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who reached outby email and social media to see how folks at Pointwise were weathering the blackout and related problems here in Texas. We appreciate your messages of support.

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