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This week’s CFD news is dominated by applications but overshadowed by the image of the week from your friends at Ferrari (shown here). It’s a CFD solution, but probably not what you think at first. There are also some notable long-form topics like a series of videos on discrete differential geometry, fluid mechanics, and an ebook about multiphysics CFD. The business news from the CAD/CAE world continues to improve and although folks seem unable to make accurate predictions right now the general trend is upward.

If you know a high school student interested in a STEM career in aeronautics and astronautics let them know that the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics now offers free high school memberships.

Pointwise is hiring. We seek people who are committed to excellence and life-long learning, who are detail-oriented, who are collaborative and good communicators, and who love CFD and meshing.

  • Applications Engineer on our Engineering Services Team
  • Software Engineer on our Product Development Team

Lifecycle Insights has openings for full-time and part-time Industry Analysts to “cover the leading edge of technology for engineering.” The posting on LinkedIn says “this role is a remote position.”

Discrete Differential Geometry is a YouTube playlist by a Carnegie Mellon professor that provides an introduction to this interesting topic. I particularly like Lecture 2A: What is a “Mesh?”. [Maybe because of the quotes around mesh.]

Thanks to alert reader Joel, I now have these meshed wallplates for my electric switches and outlets. They are available from [I have no relationship with the vendor and haven’t received anything for this endorsement.]

Monica Schnitger’s perspective on Dassault Systemes‘ Q4 and 2020 numbers is a mixed bag. SolidWorks is generating nearly $1 billion per year which is good. But CATIA was down 2% for the year which is not so good. Monica concludes that a general takeaway is that the overall economy is still too uncertain to make predictions. [A lot of talk in the news is about the coming “roaring 20s” but let’s hope that optimism includes the actual economy and not just the stock market.]

CFD for transonic turbine test rigs.

CFD for Speedo’s new swimming goggles. [Anyone else always type “google” by mistake when meaning to type “goggle”?]

Here’s a case study on use of Solid Edge and Simcenter FloEFD.

Read about how Argonne National Lab is improving MPI for heterogenous HPC environments in a effort called PetscSF.

Are you interested in mesh adaptation that works?

As reported by DEVELOP3D, Altair’s recent software release includes “a robust end-to-end electronic system design toolset.”

Again with the YouTube channels, here’s Fluid Mechanics 101.

How did Vim become so popular? [I don’t mean to start a text editor war but have at it.]

Microsoft Mesh. Not what I feared at first.

Of all the CFD technologies, I never considered that post-processing needed to be democratized.

You too can download the free (registration required) ebook from Hexagon, MSC, Software Cradle titled Smarter Multiphysics CFD.

CFD for marine stabilizers.

I’m a sucker for a mesh pic like this one from an article about STAR-CCM+ for pump design. [And yes, what got me to read this article in the first place was “Taco Comfort.”]

CFD for formation and completion damage in wells.

Zenotech was recognized with an AWS HPC Competency.

CFD for the aerodynamics of automotive convoys by Engys. [At what point does traveling in convoys of autonomous cars become riding a train?]

Listen to your CFD solutions?

The journal Fluids seeks input for a special issue on “Advances in Numerical Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics With Open-Source Softwares.”

CFD for sailing yachts, specifically twin-skin mainsails.

IMAGE OF THE WEEK. And this is more than just an image. Ferrari Speedform is a limited series of 50% models of a Ferrari 488 Pista that have been hand painted with CFD results. The article doesn’t provide prices. And Ferrari has patented this process so we may expect to see more of this in the future. [I think this is really, really cool. I just wish they had used a color palette other than CFD’s usual sickly green. I remember trying to do something similar with a CFD solution and an F-16 model for the Paris Air Show back in the 80s.]

The Journal of Fluid Mechanics is hosting Fluids Writing Competition. Your story (based on an article in the journal and limited to 700 words) is due by 19 Mar 2021.

Altair‘s Q4 revenue was up 8% and all of 2020 was up 2%.

Given Texas’ recent SNOVID experience and the tales about how wind power froze as part of it, I don’t know whether this article is coincidental or targeted but – the Simulia blog writes about simulation for the winterizing of wind turbines.

Look closely. Damien SuarezDimension series below isn’t comprised of paintings. They are textiles, woven yarn. From a distance one sees discrete shapes, an arrangement of squares. Closeup, they are a continuous thread that binds all the shapes together.

From the Craighead Green Gallery: “[Damien’s] work is to make optical art using strands of yarn, tens of kilometers in each painting, the threads are wound onto the wood constructing fundamental geometric compositions, where the color and shape combining environment to generate optical illusions or color transitions to persuade be observed closely and discover the hundreds of thousands of strands of threads that are always part of something bigger and complex, as an emerging phenomenon.”

Damien Suarez, Dimension #3, #5, #6. source
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