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It’s a good Friday for the latest roundup of CFD flotsam and jetsam from the ocean that is the internet. [Making this the Great CFD Garbage Gyre?] We use the marine theme because, for unexplained reasons, there are a lot of marine applications this week. The folks at Resolved Analytics are featured twice: once for their previous series on comparing CFD codes and again for a new article on the top 40 CFD consultancies around the world. And the application of the week is certain to quench your thirst for unique uses of CFD. Shown here is a teaser for one of my favorite webinars: Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier. Check it out at the link inside.

Blood Flow Modeling in Coronary Arteries: A Review

PTC presented their vision for Onshape at the recent Onshape Live 21 event. As reported on the Beyond PLM blog, PTC is going with “It’s like Uber, but for CAD.” Well, not really. The article presents a compelling vision for how Onshape is growing into a platform that melds a variety of aspects for building a sustainable community.

In the aerospace CFD world, NASA’s Common Research Model has become a centerpiece of community-driven benchmarking and validation. Here’s a look at the CRM Quiet High Lift variant in the wind tunnel for aeroacoustic data collection.

This beautiful image of propeller cavitation as computed in “FLOEFD Simcenter FLOEFD” is from a blog Simcenter blog post about the use of CFD for marine applications.

Your abstract for the first hybrid NAFEMS World Congress 2021 is due 16 April for the event to be held in Salzburg and online on 25-29 October.

ESTECO launched Release 2021 | Spring versions of modeFRONTIER and VOLTA.

In this 20-minute video you can learn about the effects of Y+ on accuracy and convergence in ANSYS CFD. (Have I mentioned that you can use Pointwise’s Y+ Calculator app to compute wall spacing for a given Y+ for any CFD solver?)

New [to me] is REEF3D, an open-source hydrodynamics program.

DualSPHysics is for free surface flows. [The animated simulation results are worth watching.]

There’s still time (until 30 April) to nominate someone for the ACM SIGHPC Computational and Data Science Fellowships.

CFD for reducing downforce on Supercars thereby reducing dirty air in their wakes and thereby promoting more passing and entertaining racing.

APPLICATION OF THE WEEK – From Siemens comes this overset AMR simulation of filling a pint. Colors indicate volume fraction of Guinness.

Beta CAE released v21.1.1 of their software suite.

[OK, I don’t know what it is this week with Siemens and marine applications but…] CFD engineer Max Starr uses STARR-CCM+ to simulate racing yachts.

CFD for the McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

ICYMI, here’s where you can find Resolved Analytics’ report on Comparing CFD Software.

CFD Technologies will now be selling and supporting Friendship Systems’ CAESES software in the UK. (Full disclosure: CFD Technologies is the Pointwise distributor in the UK.)

A recording of the presentation PyFR: Current Capabilities and Future Roadmap is now available for your viewing pleasure.

CFD for carbon fiber cycling helmets.

Again with the boats. This time it’s all Altair with CFD by ultraFluidX from a Digital Engineering article about CFD for racing yachts. Image from

Ingrid Cloud says their Ingrid HPC CFD solver is the “most powerful LES technology on the market.”

And also new to me is Compass’ Tdyn CFD+HT. [Oh, it can’t be that new because the tag for it already exists.]

CFD for opposed-piston engines.

This list is titled Top 40 CFD Companies but should probably be Top 40 CFD Consultancies. Yet a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Enginsoft USA in McKinney, TX? I know those guys.

In the webinar Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier you’ll learn details of the Meshing & Adaptive Re-meshing Server (MARS) which has been used since 2017 to generate over 250,000 high-quality meshes. MARS automates the meshing process, reduces meshing time, and ensures consistent meshes across geometry variations no matter who is using it.

The work of Francois Morellet is featured this week for obvious thematic reasons but also because of this quote of his: “Art is frivolous even when it takes itself seriously.”

Francois Morellet, 10° – 100°, 27° – 117°, 32° – 122°, 1969. source

I love Futility Closet’s factoids. Prove to yourself that if you choose n > 1 equally spaced points on a unit circle and connect one of them to each of the others, the product of the lengths of these chords equals n.

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