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This week’s CFD news includes all the software, applications, jobs, financials, and other good reading that we’re used to. And then there are times when the CFD application of the week is cool. There are times when the CFD image of the week is pretty. Then there are times when we have a combo application and image of the week that’s just wow. Shown here is an example of the FINE/Marine software’s capabilities for marine propulsion systems. (See the animated version here.)

Flow Science introduced FLOW-3D (x) for optimizing parametric variations of a design. It is said to use AI.

Cadence (née Numeca) released FINE/Marine v10.1 including smooth wave initialization.

A new “push boat” hull design, simulated using CFD, has been patented. [I knew about tug boats but push boats are new to me. But it makes perfect sense.]

Take 30 minutes to watch this video about OnScale Cloud CFD.

ENGYS has an opening for a CFD Engineer (Marine).

IMAGE OF THE WEEK. APPLICATION OF THE WEEK. Thanks to our friends at Siemens we have this fantastic Simcenter STAR-CCM+ simulation of a whale freefalling. Just wow.

Monica Schnitger reported that Altair‘s Q1 total revenue was up 14% and within that their software revenue was up 20% to $130 million.

Cadence/Pointwise has an opening for a software engineer in Fort Worth who’s interested in mesh generation.

Bentley used ESI’s software for NVH simulations of a new generation of the Flying Spur, a fancy car. [Is it just me or does it seem like the word “sustainable” is dropped into the intro to this case study without any context whatsoever?]

Over on LinkedIn, Holger Marschall has been compiling a list of articles about the origins of industrial CFD. [Someone ought to write a book.]

For a limited time, you may qualify for free access to our online Pointwise Meshing Foundations course when you begin a free trial of the Pointwise software.

Bell XV-15 rotor in hover, simulation by Flow360, visualization by Tecplot 360. Image from

In another example of similar names, MSC announced MSCOne, “a definitive collection of the most advanced CFD software” available for use through a token system. Not to be confused with Altair One.

Before you decide to start a new journal you might want to read this article describing the experiences of the founders of the Journal of Open Source Software.

The 2021 bike of the year was designed with CFD.

Beta CAE released v20.1.6 of their software suite.

Cornell Univ. is offering a certificate program on Fluid Dynamics Simulations Using Ansys, a 2-week course.

The International Society for CFD.

CFD for microfluidic bead production.

Screen capture from a video by F. Xavier Trias of a DNS simulation of an air-filled Rayleigh-Bénard configuration at Ra=1e10. Mesmerizing. And great color choices.

Also from ESI is this story about Audi’s use of OpenFOAM for the e-tron electric SUV. [C’mon. Have we given up on naming cars?]

Great story from Tecplot about use of CFD to create a database of ship air wakes for helicopter flight simulators.

ICYMI, Ansys acquired Phoenix Integration including their ModelCenter software.

CFD for the design of propellants for inhaled drug products.

CFD that helps quadcopters fly longer. updates us on Airshaper, “dead simple flow simulation.”

CFD for a “free cooled” data center.

CFD for eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft.

Our friends at GridPro are always ready to satisfy my need for a grid pic. This structured grid is from an applications article about the thermal hydraulics of fuel rod bundles.

Coming on 22 June, we’ll be hosting a live, online training course on Flashpoint automatic surface meshing and other new features in Pointwise V18.4.

exaFOAM is a consortium working to make OpenFOAM perform well on exascale HPC computers.

Procedural texturing with nTopology.

Installation view of two of Sean Scully’s “stripes” paintings. Image from Reminder that Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas opens at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth on 20 June.

Bonus: A list of 100 things about design. “#78. Design should be felt first, understood second.”

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