More Meshing Automation in Latest Pointwise Release

Cadence Pointwise Meshing Version 18.5 is now available for download and production use. The Flashpoint suite of automation techniques, introduced in V18.4 with Flashpoint Automatic Surface Meshing, is extended in V18.5 with the addition of Automatic Volume Meshing. This new capability takes as input a collection of surface meshes and a handful of user-defined goals for the mesh and automatically generates a hybrid, unstructured volume mesh with anisotropy.

Here’s an introduction to Pointwise V18.5 from Ben Gu, Vice President of the Multiphysics Systems Analysis Group at Cadence.

Other new and updated capabilities in V18.5 include

  • Updates to Flashpoint Automatic Surface Meshing (ASM)
    • ASM now produces better quality meshes through the improvement of mesh layer advancement from concave corners, cell size matching where advancing fronts collide, and the manner in which mapped surfaces are handled.
    • ASM provides you with more detailed control over the boundaries to which anisotropy is applied and which geometry model surfaces use the mapped meshing technique.
  • Mesh Smoothing in the Anisotropic-Isotropic Transition Region
    • Weighted Condition Number (WCN) smoothing can be applied to the mesh generated by T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion). WCN, a key component of Pointwise’s high-order mesh curving, reduces the skewness of mesh cells primarily in the region where the anisotropic layers transition to the isotropic mesh.
  • Specialized Meshing Method: Thin Surface Interpolation (TSI)
    • TSI generates an unstructured, quad-dominant mesh which maintains as many of the positive attributes of a structured grid as possible. The target application areas are long, thin regions such as a wing’s trailing edge.
  • Geometry Modeling
    • You can now control the slope of database curves or connectors at their endpoints to enforce tangency, normalcy or orthogonality.
    • The Create, Patch command now gives you the ability to create surfaces that are slope continuous with the surrounding surfaces.

IMPORTANT: You will not need a new license file to run V18.5. It will run with your current Pointwise V18.4 license.

Download V18.5 from

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