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As we approach year’s end, the CFD news includes great news in the form of live events coming up next year. Plus there’s a lot of great (and rather large) visuals to share. And while I had hoped to clear my backlog of news, there’s plenty more to share next week. Shown here is a detailed view of the image of the week. No hints; you’ll have to click through to see what it is.


  • The SIAM International Meshing Roundtable (23-26 Feb 2022) will be held entirely on-line and will not have a registration fee. Here’s an announcement with all the implications for going online.
    • Cadence continues our long tradition of being a proud sponsor of the IMR.
    • A fun part of the IMR is the meshing contest and this year’s geometry model is the iconic Seattle Space Needle (see below). [You’d think we’ve had enough of needles in 2021 but whatevs.]
  • Did you hear that Philippe Spalart has joined Flexcompute as Director of Fluid Sciences?
  • The Cray User Group meeting will be held in Monterey on 2-5 May 2022. The call for papers is open and abstracts are due 23 Jan 2022.
  • The International Conference on CFD will be held in Hawaii on 11-15 July 2022. Abstracts are due 02 Feb. [This info is so fresh the website hasn’t been updated yet.]
  • The NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference 2022 will be held on 21-23 June 2022 in Indianapolis. Cadence is a proud sponsor. Your abstract is due 15 January.
The geometry model for this year’s IMR meshing contest as displayed in Pointwise. See contest details above.

From Cadence

NASA simulation of the plume (colored by pressure) from the Orion abort vehicle. Image from


Simulation of the week: Thanks go alert reader Michael for pointing me at Can the X-wing survive the reentry to Dagobah? This image is a cropped version of the poster that’s paired with the paper.



  • The Good: Bartosz Ciechanowski has created a webpage that’s both wonderfully interactive and highly informative. Enjoy Curves and Surfaces.
  • The Bad: Why CAD Surface Geometry is Inexact
  • The Ugly: Search “SHAPES WE LIVE WITH” on YouTube. I’d link to it directly but it’s a strong PG-13.

What’s the Sound of One Mesh Speaking?

Thanks to alert reader Ray, there’s still time to get this wifi speaker frame with unstructured mesh d├ęcor under the tree in time for Xmas. [I’m seriously thinking of getting this even though I don’t need it.]

SYMFONISK, Picture frame with Wi-Fi speaker, white. Available from IKEA. Image from
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