Pointwise V18.5 R2 Now Available

Cadence Pointwise Meshing Version 18.5 R2 is now available for download and production use. Primarily a maintenance release, V18.5 R2 also includes two sets of compatibility features.

  • Meshes in NASA’s USM3D/VGRID format can now be imported.
  • Boundary and volume conditions can now be imported from CRUNCH CFD files.
  • New mesh metric functions were added to the Examine command for compatibility with Omnis: Adjacent Volume Ratio, Expansion Ratio, and Equi-angular Skewness.
Included in Pointwise V18.5 R2 are several mesh metrics used by the Omnis CFD Platform including expansion ratio shown here on a cut through a mesh around a Klein bottle.

Other new and updated capabilities in V18.5 include:

  • Draw Shapes: The keyboard hotkeys for the Drawing, Enclosing, Translate, Rotate, Scale, Align to View, and Pivot modes are now persistent while the command is running.
  • GUI: The Tab key can now be used to iterate through the options in a pop-up window in Linux and Mac platforms.
  • Flashpoint: The Automatic Surface Mesh and Automatic Volume Mesh commands now use consistent labeling for the Additive/Subtractive controls.
  • Glyph Scripting: New links to the definition of points were added throughout the Glyph Scripting Manual.

Download V18.5 R2 from www.pointwise.com/downloads.

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