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During the past week we’ve seen plenty of CFD articles themed around Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics. A few are included herein. This week’s cornucopia of CFD news fills the holiday void (until Easter) with plenty of CFD jobs, events, a few software releases, and a very elegant description of a computational geometry algorithm. The image shown here is from a CFD simulation of blood flow in the heart including details of the heart’s leaflet valves done by Waseda and Rice Universities.

CFD for…

Tobias Holzmann shared CFD for cooling a gin and tonic, a conjugate heat transfer application performed in OpenFOAM.

Who’s Hiring

If anyone owns The Physics of Energy by Jaffe & Taylor, please let me know whether the authors explain why the cover features a Mark Rothko (or at least Rothko-esque) painting.


  • It appears that the folks at Dassault Systemes had a good 2021. Q4 software revenue was up 12% and total year software revenue was up 10%.
  • Altair announced their acquisition of cloud-based PLM provider Cassini.
  • Beta CAE released v21.1.6 of their software suite.
  • GridPro v8.1 was released.


You cannot see me but I’m standing and applauding Simon Fischer’s “all-in” article The CFD Engineer’s Guide to Romance. This is how a writer fully invests in their topic.

More News

Unifying Geometry

Artist Carmen Herrera recently passed away at the age of 106. As you can guess from Amarillo “Uno” below, she specialized in hard-edged geometric abstraction. It’s good that she lived so long because she didn’t really start to be recognized until very late in life. “I was liberated by being ignored,” she said.

So what’s the tie-in to meshing? When I first saw Amarillo “Uno” my immediate reaction was being zoomed in on a gap in a geometry model between two surfaces, one above and one below. Even the painting’s name “Uno” implies that we’re looking at a unified whole despite the gap; she’s making the painting watertight.

Read more at Artnet News and at The Whitney.

Carmen Herrera, Amarillo “Uno”, 1971. source
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