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Welcome to the end of another active week in the world of CFD. Highpoints include ten myths about aerodynamics, seven wrong beliefs about meshing, and the five stages of hype. One of the bigger news items is Siemens’ launch of GPU accelerated CFD. And one of the most interesting news items is a call for free and open publication of all research articles. For those of you interested in CFD workshops, we have news about two: one for aeroelasticity and another for road vehicle aerodynamics. The image shown here is a dye visualization of vortices over a delta wing seen on FYFD.

Let’s begin with encouragement to submit your CFD work with Cadence CFD software to CadenceLIVE, our big annual customer-focused conference. We’re planning a return to an in-person event on 8-9 June 2022 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. You have until 18 March to submit your abstract.

Forgive me for being a little self-serving at the start of this week’s post, but Cadence CFD has two openings for Application Engineers. Must love meshing.

Hype. The CFD world is not immune from it. We all experience it. Some of us practice it [ahem]. Someone has gone to the effort of creating a scale of the five levels of hype. For example, the fourth level is “The technology has left grounded reality and takes on magical properties.” Where does your favorite CFD tech fit on the 1-5 hype scale?

The new version of NX includes “intelligence-based design” as part of over 1,200 customer enhancement requests.

Still a sucker for a mesh pic. This one of a portion of the human spine is from SimBio-Vgrid, “a fast and robust octree-based 3D mesh generator for unstructured grids.” (Not related to NASA’s Vgrid mesher.)

Dr. Chris Combs dissects the ten biggest myths in (high-speed) aerodynamics. #3 Wind tunnels are obsolete given the rise of CFD. [If you are not following @DrChrisCombs on Twitter, you should.]

In the same vein, let’s take a look at the 7 wrong beliefs about meshing. #3 Automeshing is the best way to mesh 3D solid models.

From the top of this post, FYFD always shares great fluid dynamics content including the experimental visualization of flow over a delta wing.

Cadence and Dassault Systèmes announced a partnership to provide “integrated, next-generation solutions for the development of high performance electronic systems.”

STAR CCM+ 2022.1 includes NVIDIA GPU-based acceleration.

New [to me] is Simulatis, “a start-up that provides engineers and researchers with scientific computing tools in the Cloud, in particular in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).”

MIT created a new programming language for HPC called ATL, A Tensor Language.

“The Science Council therefore advocates that the final versions ( version of record ) of scientific publications be made freely available immediately, permanently, at the original place of publication and under an open license ( CC BY ).”

People are always looking for data files for CFD benchmarks, even classic benchmarks that have been around for a while. [I do this all the time.] The folks at CHAM have put all the files for their RhinoCFD tutorial for the Ahmed body (automotive benchmark) online. (CAD file is Rhino 3DM format.)

High speed gas dynamics was a big interest of mine in the very early part of my career so I could watch this animation all day. What’s important for you is this hypersonic experiment will be part of AIAA’s Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop in January 2023.

TwinMesh 2022 was released. [Plenty of cool mesh pics here.]

This is a bit mysterious, but Luminary Cloud seems to be a startup shooting for “Realtime Engineering™ for faster engineering cycles and faster insights.” Their CTO is Stanford’s Juan Alonso which is serious.

mimmo is an open source C++ library for manipulation and morphing of surface and volume meshes.”

Video: Everything [really?] you need to know about LBM.

The 3rd Automotive CFD Prediction Workshop has been scheduled for 22-23 September in Barcelona.

I have a very large framed print of Mark Rothko’s No. 10 in my office (my work office, not my home office). We’re coming up on two years of working from home so I haven’t seen this print in a long time. I would often turn away from the computer, lean back to face this image, and let it soothe my troubled mind.

Mark Rothko, No. 10, 1950. source

Bonus: Car folks have F-1 and the like. Airplane guys like me have the Aviation Week Photo Contest.

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