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June will be a busy month for Cadence CFD and I’ve included a lot of what we have going on in this month’s first edition of This Week in CFD. I’d like your feedback on the article about the performance of the latest Macs for CFD codes and opinions on why they aren’t more widely used. In addition there are a couple of job openings, plenty of CFD applications including, and events at which we might possibly meet. Shown here is a sculpted impeller designed at Cameron Compression using a Pointwise-based meshing tool.

News from Cadence CFD

Let’s start by paying some bills.

CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley, our big annual user-focused event, is coming up next week on 8-9 June at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The CFD track with lineup of six great presentations will be held on the 8th. Engineers from the Cadence CFD team will be onsite for demos and consultations. Contact me for a promo code that gives you free registration.

Cadence CFD is thrilled to have three teams competing for this year’s America’s Cup using our CFD software to raise the performance of their racing yachts. Check out this brief video about Emirates Team New Zealand’s use of our marine CFD software.

And then there’s our new partnership with McLaren Racing. As an Official Technology Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 team, our CFD tools are available to them for application to the car’s aerodynamics.

Cadence Fidelity CFD 2022.1 was released with new capabilities for multiphysics simulations and workflow improvements. Join us for a live webinar on 22 June to learn all about it. Also, hear what Ben Gu (VP R&D) and Charles Hirsch (Fellow – CFD) have to say about Fidelity.

Learn how Renault is reducing CO2 emissions by deploying Cadence CFD software.

During June, come see Cadence CFD at ASME Turbo Expo, the NAFEMS Americas Conference, Seawork, Euromaritime, and AIAA Aviation.

And in other news…

Tecplot seeks to hire a Technical Support Specialist.

The 4th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics will be held 3-4 Nov 2022 at City University of London. It’s all about “the fluid dynamics of compressible reactive and non-reactive flows of fluids for which the ideal gas law does not apply.”

There’s smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) in engineering and then there’s A Survey on SPH Methods in Computer Graphics.

From the world of plasma etching for semiconductors, plasma processing with carbon and flourine.

For those of you looking for CAD files of interesting geometry to mesh [and who isn’t], Action Engineering provides a suite of freely available files. (Registration required.)

One of the freely available parts (a hinge) from Action Engineering, meshed in Fidelity Pointwise including the lettering detail. See link above.

This summer’s Symposium on Turbulence Modeling has something for everyone. The event is a salute to Philippe Spalart, Cadence’s Charles Hirsch is delivering a keynote address, and the event’s theme includes machine learning.

CFD for figuring out where the sand goes. Not at the beach, but during hydraulic fracturing for oil exploration.

The CFD Society of Canada Congress 2022 will be an online event on 8-9 Aug. The call for papers has already closed and it looks like registration will open soon.

CFD for data center cooling.

CFD for a time trial bike. [May be NSFW due to excessive bike pr0n.]

CFD for the Fisker Ronin, a $200,000 “high-tech electric GT sports car.”

CFD for the “world’s fastest race bike.”

CFD for aircraft icing.

From CFD Evaluation of Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator (DIEP) Flap End-to-Side Anastomosis which is fancy doctor speak for grafting two blood vessels together.

This article about the performance of CFD software on Macs is interesting and indicates that these machines are beasts for CFD. In full disclosure, NASA is a customer and one of the main reasons we support Fidelity Pointwise on the Mac. I’m interested in your comments on Mac as a CFD platform.

CFD for 3D printing.

SimScale, Onshape, and ESTECO for optimization.

Arrival has an opening for a Computational Geometry Developer.

Concepts NREC released v2022.1 of their Agile engineering design system for turbomachinery.

CFD for vortex shedding from helicopter rotor hubs.

CFD for not just any old aneurysm but a GIANT internal carotid artery aneurysm.

PTC launched Creo 9.

Datakit released Version 2022.2 of their CAD conversion libraries.

Sadly, Dallas’ Museum of Geometric and MADI Art has closed due to the inability to renew their lease. There are no current plans to reopen in a new location but at least the website remains up for now.

Gregory Dubus, Resiste, 2017. See link above.

P.S. This Week in CFD will not be published next week due to business travel.

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