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We’re at the midway point of CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley 2022, the first return to an in-person format in a couple of years and the first time ever for in-person CFD involvement. The CFD presentations were all held on day 1 but you can still see CFD in action and meet members of the Cadence CFD team in the exhibit hall today.

Because I’ll be on an airplane tomorrow when I’d normally be writing This Week in CFD, I figured today I could share some CFD news from yesterday at CadenceLIVE.

During his opening keynote address, Cadence’s CEO Anirudh Devgan announced Cadence OnCloudTM, a “SaaS and e-commerce platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for companies adopting a “cloud-first” approach for design and analysis solutions that can be accessed anywhere from any device.” CFD is a core component of the OnCloud portfolio, one of the many apps accessible to the current 4,000+ OnCloud users. Consider Bombardier’s experience with OnCloud.

“The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform offers just the right computational compute resources for industry meshing needs. Requiring minimal effort and with an easy transaction process, the platform is straightforward and provides an intuitive user experience,” said Dr. Amine Ben Haj Ali.

DZYNE’s Dr. John Winkler also experienced the benefits of OnCloud.

“The Cadence OnCloud version of Fidelity Pointwise Mesh Generation is a great way to leverage external hardware assets and additional licenses to meet spikes in customer demand. For typical problems, any lag from mouse interaction is barely perceptible, and the ability to launch multiple instances of Fidelity Pointwise at the same time allows you to generate multiple grids in parallel. It provides an ideal option to ramp up resources to meet spikes in customer demand without having to purchase additional annual licenses that may go unused when demand falls back to normal levels. I highly recommend it.”

And Inteligeng’s Dr. Julio Mendez

“Using a CFD solution on Cadence OnCloud that is really on-demand is a game-changer. I love the fact that I do not have to procure license keys from a third party, and I have everything self-contained in a cloud solution. Additionally, I have at my disposal the most efficient tools available on the market, from high-order meshing to a top-quality support team that is ready to assist me with my meshing workflow. On top of that, I have access to Cadence’s Fidelity CFD Software which is an extremely efficient CFD solver with cutting-edge algorithms that helped me to resolve complex problems with a consistent and robust workflow; everything in one tab on my web browser. By far, this has been the best alternative I have tested in the last years and my option as a CFD consultant. I am very happy to see that Cadence bridged the gap between pre-processing and solver and provided the first top-quality, highly validated, accepted and certified CFD solution in the market. Great job, Cadence.”

OnCloud wasn’t Dr. Devgan’s only big announcement. He announced the launch of Cadence OptimalityTM Intelligent System Explorer, described as an AI-powered multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) tool that can deliver optimal designs 10X faster than traditional methods.

“For years, optimization at the system level has been extremely inefficient based on a human-intensive workflow of design/prototype/test/refine and eventual manufacturing,” said Ben Gu, vice president of R&D for the Multiphysics System Analysis Business Unit at Cadence. “With Optimality Explorer’s MDAO capability, it’s now possible to perform system-level optimization, from the IC to the package, the PCB and the system, in a fraction of the time and with Cadence’s signature gold-standard accuracy.”

Although initially targeted at the EDA space, you can imagine the possibilities of applying Optimality to CFD.

The CFD track included six high-level presentations on a broad range of topics and my Cadence friends all commented on how well attended the sessions were. Perhaps that was partly a result of the several times CFD was mentioned in the keynote addresses by Dr. Devgan and Senior VP and GM Tom Beckley. Regardless, attendees heard about:

  • Realizing CFD Vision 2030: Progress and Future Plans Within the Aerospace Community by Jeff Slotnick, Boeing.
  • Predicting High-Lift Aerodynamics on the NASA Common Research Model by Cetin Kiris, NASA
  • Output-Based Mesh Adaptation for Low- and High-Speed Aerospace Regimes by Marshall Galbraith, MIT
  • A Disruptive CFD Technology Applied to Automotive Applications by Olivier Thiry, Cadence. (This presentation was about the Fidelity CFD High-Order flow solver.)
  • Towards Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulation of the NASA CRM High-Lift Configuration: Preliminary Results by Z.J. Wang, U. of Kansas
  • Advanced Modeling of Hypersonic Reentry by Maximilian Maigler, Universitate der Bundeswehr Munchen

For those of you who couldn’t make it out here to Silicon Valley for the in-person version of CadenceLIVE, the plan is to offer a virtual version of the event at a date in the near future.

On a personal note, it was fantastic to meet many of my (relatively) new Cadence colleagues in person for the first time. The common reaction upon meeting these former Zoom-only friends was “Wow, you’re taller/shorter than I thought.” Zoom equalizes everyone’s height. And after a couple years without conferencing, it was great to get caught up with all my old friends from the CFD world and introduce them to my new friends from Cadence.

Hopefully this brief and fragmented summary of CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley 2022 has whetted your appetite for some Cadence Fidelity CFD. Why not request a free trial/demo today?

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