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This week’s compilation of CFD news is thick with images making it a much easier read given that this is a holiday weekend (in the U.S.). However, those of you who prefer words should take a look at a survey of the current state of simulation, an interesting series of articles about digital transformation, a very comprehensive summary of online CFD articles, several notes about the cloud, and a paper about teaching CFD. Shown here is velocity in a y-pipe, a new case study from neptech.

Have you had a chance to read’s report on The State of Simulation, Prototyping, and Validation? (Registration required.) Among the many interesting results are those to the question about cloud usage. 37% of respondents say the ratio of on-prem to cloud usage is either 50% or 100% (and presumably everything in between?) while 50% are currently doing nada.

CAPE is NASA freeware for running and post-processing CFD codes Cart3d, FUN3D, and Overflow including the ability to create large aerosciences databases from the results.

CFD to make Alpha Tauri’s F-1 car perform better. (Alpha Tauri is the sister team to Red Bull Racing.)

The AirShield is said to reduce shared air particles between neighboring airline passengers by 76 percent.

As example of the digital transformation of engineering, Peugeot’s 9×8 hypercar was designed solely in digital for two years resulting in over 15,000 files and a 51GB digital project. [That last number seems quite low to me. That’s a couple of high fidelity CFD sims by itself.]

Digital transformation, however, is in more need of definition than CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM – if only because there is no single software application to supply it. It still floats into a conversation as vague concept, but one that demands that you, if you are at all tech savvy, should know about it.” [Oh SNAP.]

“…it became clear that “digital transformation” as a buzzword is almost meaningless.” [DANG]

Temperatures for a chip cooled by a microchannel heat sink. From Thermal transport analysis of six circular microchannel heat sink using nanofluid by Waqas et al. Simulation done in Ansys.

Save the date. The SIAM International Meshing Roundtable 2023 will be held in Amsterdam on 6-9 March. The call for papers is open with a due date of 16 September.

The SU2 Conference 2022 will be held in Varenna, Italy on 5-7 September. The call for papers is open with a due date of 31 July.

CFD for motorcycles.

CFD simulation by Flow360, visualization by Tecplot 360. XV-15 rotor in forward flight.

We all know what a Komodo dragon is but do you know what the data dragon is? More importantly, do you know what kind of weapon defeats the dragon? If you’re curious about the origin of the name of Intelligent Light’s Kombyne, read on.

Here’s your weekend CFD reading courtesy of Tomer’s All About CFD.

Still a sucker for a mesh pic, even when it’s actually a stochastic lattice from Creo 9 as described in an in-depth look at Creo 9 from DEVELOP3D. Image from

Beta CAE released v21.1.7 of their software suite.

There’s now a Hull Shape Assistant for designing ship hulls in Rhino.

A worthy read: A Contemporary Course on the Introduction to CFD by Steven A.E. Miller, Univ. of Florida.

Have you been wondering what’s new in Simcenter System Simulation Solutions 2022.1? Slake your sensitive sensibility with this scintillating scoop.

Flowing liquid metal is “surprisingly” turbulent. [Flowing Liquid Metal would be a great name for a rock band. Also, it’s not clear to me why it would be surprising.]

A slice in time of a transient simulation of gas filling a confined space from our friends at Azore CFD. [I wanted to include the animation but WordPress got a little persnickety about it so click through to see the full monty.]

CFD for the world’s fastest bike. [Now with extra hyperbole!]

Meanwhile, in the cloud…

Happy Independence Day weekend to all readers in the U.S. of A.
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