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It’s Friday and time to get #NavierStoked with the latest bits and bytes from the CFD world. I love all the event news and the return to in-person events (although even with plenty of precautions I didn’t love returning from my last conference with Covid Part II). As we move through the summer there are plenty of new software releases and good reading about the cloud, graphics tips, and more. Plus, this week’s selection of CFD applications is the most amazing and diverse ever documented by this blog including this image shown here that you’ll need to click through to discover exactly what it is (credit: Ricardo Yarza et al).


  • Simcenter Femap 2022.2 includes cloud-based, collaborative capabilities via Xcelerator Share and their “Xaas” Xcelerator as a Service business model.
  • Cadence Fidelity CFD is now available through our new Cadence OnCloud platform.
  • PreonLab 5.2 was released with continuous particle size and more.
  • Materialise released Magics 26 with native CAD support.
  • ICYMI, Cadence Fidelity CFD was named to DEVELOP3D’s D3D 30, “new technologies that we believe have an important role to play in the product development processes.”
  • The new CAESES 5.1 includes a GUI facelift.
  • Artec Studio 17 claims to do “scan to CAD” conversions in one click.
  • Hexagon Nexus, a cloud-based platform, was launched.
What do CFDers do when they have fun with indoor skydiving at iFLY? If you’re the folks at Azore CFD, you do simulations to determine the upward air velocity required to keep a person suspended.

CFD for…

CFD simulation of H2 Clipper’s “Pipeline in the Sky” airship, so named because its proposed use is to transport fuel-grade hydrogen to markets worldwide.” Image created with Tecplot Version 2021.2.0.7650


  • The call for presentations is open for the CAESES User Conference 2022 on 21-22 September in Berlin.
  • Save the Date: The 12th International Conference on CFD will be held in Kobe, Japan on 14-19 July 2024.
  • The call for papers is open for the NAFEMS World Congress 2023 (15-18 May, Tampa) with a due date of 25 November.
  • The ASSESS Initiative, an organization I’ve been involved with since the beginning and for which I currently serve on the advisory board, has been acquired by NAFEMS and given an updated mission: “To lead every aspect of engineering simulation toward a more valuable and accessible future in the medium to long-term, leveraging the expertise and knowledge of top-level figures in industry, government, and academia.” The annual ASSESS Congress will now be colocated with the NAFEMS Congress so I guess I’ll be seeing you all in Tampa.
  • The proceedings from the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2022 are now available online.
  • The APS DFD Meeting is coming up this November in Indianapolis and you only have a couple of days left before your abstract is due.
Coreform IGA, “the first commercially viable isogeometric analysis non-linear structural solver leveraging patent-pending U-splines to optimize computational efficiency to deliver dramatically faster overall time to solution with improved accuracy,” was debuted at the NAFEMS North America Conference.


Not only am I a sucker for a mesh pic, but three meshes in one connected with sliders was too much. This is from Airshaper’s pricing page for aerodynamic simulations. Nicely done.

Computers and Art

The Computer History Museum (if you have not yet had a chance to visit, I highly recommend it) is currently screening Early Computer Films: 1963-1972. These films are from the dawn of the computer graphics age and can be said to have laid the groundwork for what has come since. If you watch the film clips linked to at the website I think you’ll see how these early pioneers saw the computer as a new canvas for exploring their ideas about image making.

John Whitney, Matrix III, 1972. See link above.

Bonus: If you’re curious about what’s going on over here at Cadence with Fidelity CFD and if being named to the D3D 30 has you intrigued, why not request a free trial?

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