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Welcome to the latest edition of This Week in CFD. In addition to software releases, job openings, and event news we have articles about AI and ML, applications of CAE to music, Fortran (!?), and more. The image shown here isn’t CFD but rather an example of computer generated coolness called Symmetric Loops from Steven Dollins.

Let’s begin with a 44-minute video on the “surprising variety of simulating fluids.”

Siemens NX 2022 is reported by DEVELOP3D to include a lot of cross-disciplinary capabilities beginning with electronics. [In which I learned that Mentor Graphics is now known as Siemens EDA.]

Simcenter FLOEFD 2205 includes many updates such as improvements their support for the CGNS file standard. [Trivia: The CGNS logo shown at the bottom of the post was contributed to the CGNS community by Pointwise and designed by our graphic design firm several years ago. Makes me smile every time I see it.]

[Might as well put all the Siemens stuff in one place.] STAR-CCM+ 2206 has a pretty cool list of new capabilities but if you’re like me you just want to watch the videos.

CO2 concentration is a room (red is higher) from a SimScale article about ventilating built environments. Image from

[Might as well put all the built environments stuff in one place.] CFD for smoke control.

“AI is a democratization of technology” comes from an article on ESI’s recent release of an AI-enabled data visualization software package as open source.

Speaking of ESI, they released OpenFOAM v2206 with way too many updates to list here.

[Might as well put all the ESI stuff in one place.] The 10th OpenFOAM Conference will be an online event on 08 Nov 2022.

OpenQBMM 9.0.0 (for OpenFOAM v2206) was released.

The SU2 Foundation’s 3rd SU2 Conference will be held in Varenna, Italy (and virtually) on 5-7 September. You have until 31 July to submit your abstract and registration is now open. (The organizers recommend that you don’t delay in booking your hotel due to availability constraints.)

Do you want to learn machine learning? Here are 100 lectures on ML that ought to keep you busy for a while. [As for me, it’s not that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, sometimes the old dog just don’t want to learn.]

Speaking of ML, Nature Computational Science includes an article on “Enhancing CFD with ML” but alas you gotta pay to read. [This old dog very very rarely pays for papers.]

Not CFD, but Audio Circuits for (Bass) Guitars may appeal to the technologically curious musician. [For this aerospace engineer, the hint that audio pickups are an inductor would only have been helpful if I knew what an inductor was.]

[Might as well put all the music stuff together.] Violin tone and volume simulation from COMSOL.

A nice case study on the use of Tecplot to visualize the results of LES simulations of combustion of alternate fuels.

CFD for a racing bike.

From IEEE, The State of Fortran. (registration required) [I learned Fortran at NASA during the summer after my junior year. This came in handy because a professor decided that our senior mechanical design projects had to be programmed in Fortran despite the fact that Fortran wasn’t taught as part of the undergraduate curriculum. Alert readers will recall what obscure programming language I was taught as a freshman.]

CFD for a superyacht.

“Pairing physics-based digital models from Siemens with real-time AI from NVIDIA, the companies announced they will connect the Siemens Xcelerator and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms.” [Blogging by cutting and pasting. I’m so lazy.]

I will put all the jobs in one place.

ESI sold all their CFD product line (not OpenFOAM) to a company rumored to be Applied Materials.

Congrats to Tamara Gammaidoni for winning this year’s Converge Academic Competition with this simulation of battery pack cooling. Image (cropped) from

Here’s a look inside Frontier, the U.S.’s first exascale computer. [I bet it’s full of wires and stuff.]

ICYMI, here’s a good summary of executive keynotes from CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley.

Holger Marschall shares this list of open-source computational physics software.

IT spending on cloud will exceed non-cloud spending this year.

Cadence is co-organizing and sponsoring the GPPS 2nd Turbomachinery CFD Workshop on 11 September in Crete. Come join us.

Discrete (aka faceted) geometry models for CFD are synonymous with the STL file format. This de facto standard is simple but easy to break and non-standard implementations degrade portability of files. Along comes 3MF.

I started this post with an image from Twitter so I’ll end with one too. Here’s Voronoi Mona Lisa from Tim Chartier.

Tim Chartier, Voronoi Mona Lisa. See link above.

P.S. This Week in CFD will not be published next week.

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