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Welcome to this holiday weekend edition of This Week in CFD. For those of you outside the U.S., Monday is Labor Day when we celebrate contributions and achievements of American workers. We do this by not working. But CFD never stops working as evidenced by what’s in today’s issue. Notable are a video of experimental oil flow on a flying wing and an animation of mesh adaptation. This image here (or “this here image” as one might say in Texas) looks like how a tractor-trailer rig might appear to the Predator. I’ve lost the attributions but I’m thinking NASA and the Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga were involved.

As you know, Cadence OnCloud provides a SaaS cloud model for your HPC computing. Here’s an introductory video for using Pointwise in OnCloud showing that the workflow is identical to what you’re used to on the desktop. If that makes you want to try OnCloud, you can learn more at

The SU2 Conference is next week and Cadence is a proud sponsor and presenter. There’s still time to register because the event is both in-person and online. Our presentation is Tuesday afternoon and the title is Accelerated CFD Meshing with Fidelity Pointwise.

CAESES 5.1 was released.

Tecplot shares how viz or post-processing software is a good teaching tool. #3 Reinforce programming knowledge.

FEATool 1.16 was released.

Rajat Walia this roadmap of turbulence models on LinkedIn. What do you think?

CFD Research honored their late founder, Ashok Singhal, by naming the expansion of their facility after him.

CFD for swimming pools used for competitive aquatic sports (filtration and circulation).

OpenVSP 3.30.0 was released. [Sorry if this is a repeat. Also, I should really start a “…was released” section just like “CFD for…”]

HOOPS 2022 Service Pack 2 is now available.

Rolls Royce in Derby has an opening for an aerothermal methods engineer.

Screen capture from the video Effect of Angle of Attack on Flow Structures on the Non-slender Flying Wing.

CFD for inclined shafts. [Don’t get me started on the images in this paper.]

Dallara uses HPC on AWS to offload peak CFD workloads for race car simulations.

TFAWS is next week and here’s the schedule, the proceedings, and the vendors. Ther’es still time to register.

Tech-Clarity seeks your help with another survey: Empower CAD Users for Product Development Success.

Flow Sciences has job openings for a software engineering intern and a developer.

CFD to “restrict particles and unwanted odours from passing into passengers’ personal space”: the AirShield. [emphasis mine]

Animation of a mesh adapting from the article Mesh Adaptation with Caelus and Pointwise.

Cloud HPC provider CrunchYard seems to have launched “Mobile HPC,” pre-configured and self-contained CPU-based HPC systems that you can roll in to your office and start using.

In case you’re new to Cadence and are wondering what the big picture is, take a few minutes with our CEO Anirudh Devgan as he shares his thoughts on Computational Software: Powering the Intelligent Systems Era.

And for another take on the topic of Cadence, check out Paul McLellan’s article on What Does Cadence Do?

BosonQ Psi, a quantum-computing based SaaS company, raised $525,000 in their pre-seed funding round.”

Dassault Systemes’ Community of Experts will next meet on 16-19 April 2023 in Miami.

My interest in the grid in art brings me back time and time again to the work of Sol Lewitt and his series on cubes or “open cubes” as they are often called. Something so regular and simple as a cube can evoke, when deployed in multiples, not only other forms but chaos depending on how the viewer interacts with the work and its background. In that sense, I find much in common between Lewitt’s cubes and Dan Flavin’s fluorescent lights.

Take a few minutes to watch the video about this work posted at

Sol LeWitt – Hanging Structure 28 B, 1989. Image from

Bonus: Not CFD. What distractions at work cost you.

2nd Bonus: This grid-themed table lamp can be yours from Anthropologie for only $187.60 (regularly $268). [I have no relationship with this store and get no benefit if you buy something. Just sayin’.]
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