This Week in CFD

This week’s agglomeration of CFD flotsam and jetsam is chock full of wonderful images including an “image of the week” that qualifies for “image of the year.” There are several articles involving ML including one that’s cautionary. There are also links to several longer texts that some might find useful. Finally, Flipper gets the CFD treatment and the viscoelasticity of ricotta cheese gets way too much treatment. Shown here is one simulation from a study of supersonic swirl mixers that you’ll find inside.

And we’re off.

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: The interaction of shock waves and turbulence from ALCF simulations to inform turbulence models aimed at improving aircraft performance. Image from

News from Fidelity CFD

The Map of Mathematics. What do you think? source

CFD for…

CFD for flow around buildings with a triangular cross section.

…was released.

I am a sucker for a grid pic. This is from Ansys’ article What Have We Learned to Prevent Closing Stadiums Because of Covid?


  • Here’s an announcement of the 18th OpenFOAM Workshop next summer in Genoa, Italy from its host. The official website remains here.
  • exaFOAM Summer School, for HPC applications of OpenFOAM, will be held in Bologna, Italy on 17-19 October 2022. [Summer school? In October?]
  • The 6th DualSPHysics Workshop will be held on 25-27 October 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. [Forgive my poor translation of the Spanish.]
CFD for coughing on a bus.

Grab Bag

Numerical Simulation of Laminar-Turbulent Transition on a Dolphin Using the γ-Reθ Model

The Shape of an Image

While it should be quite obvious what drew me to Liz Deschenes‘ work, what made me dig deeper is that she is a photographer and the elements of the work below are photograms.

Liz Deschenes, Untitled (LeWitt) #6-14, 2016. Image source.

Bonus: Lasagna as only a science person could make it.

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