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Something weekend this way comes (credit @etherbrian). And with the weekend you get a side order of CFD notions. After a long wait, the AIAA’s CFD Vision 2030 integration committee published their report describing progress toward the vision during 2021. There’s a fascinating video of an LES simulation of a complete turbofan engine along with the accompanying technical paper (from 2020). And you’ll have to read to the bottom of this week’s post to figure out what this image is showing.

Another reminder that the proceedings from this past summer’s 11th International Conference on CFD are now available online for your reading pleasure.

The NAFEMS ASSESS Congress 2023, the first since the ASSESS Initiative was acquired by NAFEMS, will be held in Atlanta on 26-28 March 2023. Registration is open.

Beta CAE released v22.1.4 of their software suite.

Fluids and thermal simulations for data center management, reducing energy usage and cost.

Commentary on the future of computer-aided design software.

Simulation of Hydraulic Turbines with Fidelity CFD is an on-demand webinar that introduces you to Cadence’s pressure based flow solver.

Back in 2020, Cerfacs posted this video of an LES simulation of a full turobfan, reportedly the first of its kind. Here is the journal article for those who want the details.

CFD for a burn center at a South Carolina hospital.

Register now for the von Karman Institute’s Introduction to CFD on 30 Jan 2023 – 03 Feb 2023.

CFD for desalination. [Can we agree here and now to never say “maths boffin” again?]

CFD for metal and minerals processing.

Building upon the technology acquired from VKI and CEETRON, Tech Soft 3D released four software toolkits to support CAE workflows.

Speaking of workflows, Subaru moved their simulation and 3D visualization HPC work to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

NextSim aims to increase the capabilities of current Computational Fluid Dynamics tools for aeronautical design by re-engineering them for extreme-scale parallel computing platforms.”

CFD for chemical manufacturing.

CFD for wind in urban environments and building ventilation. [The term “scholar” is much better than “boffin.”]

Orbital Stack used Neural Concept’s AI to deliver “fast, affordable” solutions for wind effects around buildings.

CFD computed turbulent kinetic energy in aortic flow from Synthesis of patient-specific multipoint 4D flow MRI data of turbulent aortic flow downstream of stenotic valves by Dirix et al.

CFD for a reimagined Porsche 911.

Altair Simulation 2022.1 has a sustainability focus.

Dallara uses AWS for HPC on race cars.

CFD for the microclimate around agrivoltaics. [Agrivoltaic is a much better word of the week than boffin.]

foam-extend 5.0 is available.

From the CFD 2030 library comes Vision 2030 Roadmap Progress and Technology Highlights for 2021. Read it, then tell me what we missed.

Marine mavens [as bad as boffins] will benefit from the recently released Cadence Fidelity Fine Marine v11.1.

Parth Kothekar creates wonderful cutouts from a single sheet of paper that reveal the third dimension. As originally seen on Colossal, checkout his shop on Etsy.

(c) Parth Kothekar 2022

Bonus: Simulation demonstrates how the moon could’ve been formed in “mere hours.”

Screen capture of a video illustration of how the moon might have been formed.

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