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This week’s agglomeration of CFD news and notes includes a fantastic image of the week which follows a very cool image of the week in the last edition. The fact that Pointwise was used for the meshing in both is a point of pride. Plenty of events and software releases round-out the news. And just a reminder that you should also be following the Cadence CFD blog for even more goodness. Shown here is a simulation of wind over terrain from WindStation CFD (link included below).

Hopefully by now we’ve gotten past the “Cadence who?” question as it pertains to CFD and in particular the Fidelity products (from Numeca, Pointwise, and recently Cascade Technologies). But now maybe you’re wondering “What does Cadence do?

There’s still time to register for the webinar How to Efficiently Mesh Complex Turbomachinery Blade Tips with High Accuracy on 16 November at 11:00 a.m. EST. Hosted by, you will see how to mesh a turbine blade with complex tip geometry using the Cadence Fidelity CFD Platform for both fluid and solid domains. You’ll also see how that mesh forms the foundation of a conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulation using Fidelity CFD’s pressure-based solver.

For anyone not yet aware of this organization, Women in Aerospace (WIA) is dedicated to increasing the leadership capabilities and visibility of women in the aerospace community.

Open CASCADE Technology 7.7.0 was released with about 250 improvements.

Save the Date. Plan to attend. Submit abstract by 31 January. [Oh my, so bossy.]

Only recently I discovered Cloud HPC, an on-demand, cloud-based, HPC resource that’s stocked will all sorts of open source software including OpenFOAM, Code_Saturne, Vento CFD, and more. Further, it seems to be a service provided by a company called CFD FEA Service.

If you haven’t yet read the classic text Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore about marketing and selling technology products, I recommend it. The core premise of the book is there’s a big difference between buyers who are considered early adopters and those that are in the early majority of buyers. Here’s a new look at the topic based on the democratization of tech that builds upon Moore’s work that identifies a new chasm between the early and late majority of buyers.

Image of the Week Follow-Up: In TWiCFD #488 I shared images of CFD for the B-52 reengining program. Upon seeing it, alert reader Andrew told me the simulation was his and Pointwise was used for the near-body mesh.

Registration is open for the in-person HiFiLeD Symposium where all things turbulence will be discussed including LES/DNS methods, high-order methods, transition modeling, and more. You still have a week to submit your abstract.

Menzio’s WindStation CFD is used for flow simulations of on- and off-shore wind turbines and urban environments.

Do you remember PLOT3D? Not the CFD data format, the software. It is the OG of CFD visualization from our friends at NASA. But I digress. The folks at Tecplot share performance data on which post-processor is faster on PLOT3D data: Tecplot, FieldView, or ParaView. [If you go to the link for PLOT3D you’ll see that it supports a new operating system called Lunix.]

Zenotech released zCFD with a GPU-enabled, coupled, implicit solver.

CFD for a fancy new SUV. “Using cutting-edge CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which have an accuracy equal to and, in some respects, greater than those achieved in wind tunnels…” [emphasis mine]

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: The US Air Force released a wind tunnel model image of an F-15 fighter jet with a laser weapon pod mounted on its centerline station. (Image credit: A few comments. First, I’ll forgive the rainbow color map simply due to how deliciously rich this image is. Second, the article left me confused about whether this image is a wind tunnel visualization or a CFD simulation. Third, despite the laser pod being blacked out, you can appreciate the potential distortion that the flowfield could cause the beam. And finally, a friend told me CFD simulations have been done on this configuration using Pointwise to generate the mesh and Kestrel for the flow. Here’s a link to the same story from [I decided it was the image of the week before knowing that Pointwise was involved.]

TwinMesh 2023 was released.

The 17th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM) will be held in Albuquerque on 23-27 July 2023. Looks like abstracts are due by 15 January.

CFD and ML for reducing the energy required for melt blowing of the materials used in N-95 masks and similar things.

Concepts NREC released Agile Engineering Development System v2023 for turbomachinery design.

ESTECO released modeFRONTIER 2022R3.

This is an absolutely stunning marble mosaic made in the 15th century in Egypt (or Syria) as wall decor in a palace or mosque. The patterning is both chaotic and a rigid container of that chaos. Be certain to click through to see the uncropped photos of this piece from The Met.

Egyptian wall panel with geometric interlace (detail), 15th century. source
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