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If you enjoy seeing CFD in action, this week’s news has applications galore including some non-traditional uses. Be certain to browse Digital Engineering’s Technology Outlook edition to learn what they’re thinking about the coming year. Software releases and job openings plus all the other goodness that is CFD round out this week’s edition. Shown here are CFD results for the Application of the Week.

Here’s your reminder to mark 19-20 April on your calendar because those are the days you’ll want to be attending the CFD sessions at CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley 2023. And if you’d like to share what you’re doing with Fidelity CFD, send us an abstract by 31 January.

I can’t remember whether I shared this last week or not and I’m too lazy to go check. So maybe for the second time, here’s a recording of our presentation Accelerated CFD Meshing with Fidelity Pointwise from this past summer’s SU2 Conference.

Can Formula 1 really give up wind tunnels by 2030 in favor of CFD?

APPLICATION OF THE WEEK: Alert reader Earl made me aware of this unique (in my experience) application of CFD in animal husbandry: Using CFD Modelling to Relate Pig Lying Locations to Environmental Variability in Finishing Pens. The image at the top of this blog post is from Engormix, “the largest online agricultural community in the world.” The section on estimating the dimensions of a 40 kg (88 lb) pig was my favorite.

PreonLab 5.3 was released for particle-based simulation of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows.

Checkout Digital Engineering’s December issue with their Technology Outlook. Cadence is a proud sponsor of this issue (see pg 24).

Had to share these mesh images from the report A frontal air intake may improve the natural ventilation in urban buses. Image from

What are the most popular programming languages (based on internet searches)? Visual Basic comes in at a solid #6. [BASIC was my first programming language in 1979. An attempt later that year to learn Assembly was a disaster.]

40 years in this business and I still love discovering new CFD software: Snek5000 and Fluidsim.

CFD for an aero road bike.

Here’s the winner of the CAESES Student Award for 2022.

FieldView 2022 was released.

My friends at Tecplot have added their voice to the “rainbow color maps suck” bandwagon. For example, both of these images show the same data but one of the two does a much better job of providing context. Image from Let’s agree to “just say no” to sickly green CFD flowfield plots.

Speaking of Tecplot, Tecplot 360 2022 Release 2 is now available with a slew of enhancements for your CFD post-processing needs.

Here’s a brief video of a CFD simulation of a mug of tea cooling.

Coreform Cubit 2022.11 was released with meshing and geometry modeling enhancements.

Abstracts for next summer’s 18th OpenFOAM Workshop are now being accepted and are due by 28 February.

Speaking of OpenFOAM, here’s a video of a Dimpled Ball CFD Simulation.

The fluids news you probably didn’t want know. Flushing a toilet creates an aerosol plume full of stuff you probably don’t want to breath. Image from [Pro tip: put the lid down before flushing.] [Sickly green works here.]

Our friends at Luminary Cloud are hiring a Director, CAE Platform Product Management and Director, CAE Physics Product Management.

And our friends at Engys seek to hire an HPC engineer.

Of course, Cadence is hiring for several CFD roles.

Here’s a playlist of all the presentations at this year’s TFAWS (Thermal & Fluids Analysis Workshop).

CFD for a 3D printed heat exchanger.

These gorgeous paper sculptures by Anna Kruhelska have both the geometric/mesh motif that I like and they remind me of flowfield vector plots (that aren’t sickly green). As seen on Colossal.

NOTE: This will be the last edition of This Week in CFD for 2022. Thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing, and sharing. We’ll see you in 2023.

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