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Welcome to the first, almost not published, edition of This Week in CFD for 2023. I write “almost not published” because WordPress is having some serious problems today so I’m just publishing what I’ve got before I lose any more work. So while this publishing effort is less than a stellar start to the new year, there’s the usual smattering of event news, applications, software updates, and open positions. Shown here is “the hot chocolate” effect from FYFD’s best of 2022.

The abstract due date for MeshTrends 2023 (Symposium on Trends in Unstructured Mesh Generation) is rapidly approaching (Jan 15).

CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley (April 19-20) will be the place to share, learn, and interact with Fidelity CFD. Registration will be available soon but in the meantime you have until 31 January to submit an abstract for your presentation.

Let’s keep with the event news. This summer’s 18th OpenFOAM Workshop will include a validation challenge involving an FDA blood pump.

Are you curious about what’s new in Simcenter Flotherm 2210?

An interesting take on the proliferation of Linux distros and the ability to run Linux programs on Windows. [There seem to be about as many Linux distros as OpenFOAM distros.]

Sample Flow360 results from Flexcompute’s article. See links below. Image from

Our friends at Flexcompute wrote a 3-part series on CFD Simulation Methods for High-Lift Aircraft Configurations. Check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

If you’ve ever had a hard time deciding which chart type is best to display your data, checkout this collection of data visualizations.

FlowThermoLab has a mission to “be the bridge and a helping hand to fill the gap between university education and industry demand” by providing CFD education and training. [This and NAFEMS’ certified analyst program (are they still offering that) are the only two programs I’ve seen that attempt to address the issue of CFD skills. You’ve heard me opine that maybe what we need is a 2-year degree program in running certain CFD codes, similar to what’s offered for CAD.]

Esteco has an open Applications Engineer position in their Michigan office.

Let’s vote in the comments. Which is correct or preferred: Application Engineer (singular) or Applications Engineer (plural). Same for System(s) Administrator.

Siemens seeks to hire a CFD Senior Project Engineer.

Perhaps you’d like to know what’s new in FieldView 21.

GridPro seeks an Application Engineer for their Bangalore office. [Must love structured grids. Oh, I shouldn’t be imposing faux requirements on other company’s jobs. But I do love me some structured grids.]

The call for papers is open for June’s FLOW-3D World Users Conference in Strasbourg. Due date for abstracts is 31 March.

New [to me] is solids4foam, “a toolbox for performing solid mechanics and fluid-solid interaction simulations in OpenFOAMĀ® and foam-extend.”

Also new [to me] is Symula, a cloud-based CFD simulation platform.

Enjoy the best of FYFD 2022.

Olafur Eliasson admits to having a thing for geometry and spheres in particular. By employing complex polyhedra as above (Firefly double-polyhedron sphere experiment, 2020) and lighting, he’s able to create an immersive space where the viewer becomes fully engaged and inseparable from this planetary sphere. SEE MORE HERE. Photo: Jens Ziehe. Courtesy of the artist; neugerriemschneider, Berlin; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York. Ā© 2020 Olafur Eliasson
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