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So many in-person CFD events are coming up in the first half of the year that’s what this edition of This Week in CFD leads with [count the grammar errors in that sentence]. Not to be outdone, the Image of the Week by an industry veteran is both easy on the eyes and informational. If video is more your thing, we have a nice reader-contributed, self-destructing mesh. And if words are your jam, two long reads involving CFD course notes and deep learning. For the rest us there are product launches, CFD applications, and a couple history lessons. Shown here in a simulation demonstrating something new for reducing propeller noise.


There’s still plenty of time to register for the NAFEMS ASSESS Congress 2023 coming up on 26-28 March in Atlanta. The agenda is posted online and I think you’ll agree that the presentations are gonna be good. And I’ll admit to being glad that Dr. Mark Shephard will be talking about meshing.

CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley 2023. It’s where you’ll want to be for all things Fidelity CFD. And it’s your opportunity to share with the community how you’re putting Fidelity CFD to use. Presentation abstracts are being accepted right now. So get to writing and mark the dates on your calendar.

Next week is AIAA SciTech and Fidelity CFD will have a large presence on-site including technical presentations and Booth 511 in the exhibit hall. I’ll be there in case you want to chat but don’t worry; our smart people will outnumber me 10 to 1.

3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 is coming up next month on 12-15 February in Nashville.


I apologize to the alert reader whose name I fogot who pointed me at this light and sound installation by Filip Roca as shared by Dorothy Di Stefano on LinkedIn as a video.

Have you had a chance to read Digital Engineering’s Technology Outlook 2023 in their December edition? Here are a few nuggets to pique your interest.

  • The global CAE market is expected to grow at a 9.1% CAGR through 2027.
  • Nearly 2/3 of respondents rank recruiting qualified employees as their top challenge.
  • Simulation Software is expected to have the 2nd most impact on product design and development in the next 5 years.
  • Only 56% of respondents claim to know what a digital twin is. [Digital twins are like teenage sex. Everyone says they’re doing it but few actually are and they’re doing it wrong.]

A list of open-source Lattice-Boltzmann codes.

The ESI Group seeks to hire a CFD Service Engineer.

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Geometric Modeling Landscape by Blake Courter as seen on his LinkedIn. Genius: informative and attractive [the image].

Related to the above, the origins of CAD product development software (audio).

I think I mentioned Symula (cloud platform for CFD) before and wondered how long before the SIMULIA people take notice.

OpenFOAM v2212 is available with updated solvers and physics.

Lazy cut-n-paste time: “Conduit is an open source project from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that provides an intuitive model for describing hierarchical scientific data in C++, C, Fortran, and Python. It is used for data coupling between packages in-core, serialization, and I/O tasks.”

Are you familiar with NASA definitions of technology readiness levels?

ZJ Wang compared surface oil flows from computation and experiment in his article Is High-Order Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulation Ready for Prime Time?

The proceedings from last years TFAWS (Thermal & Fluids Analysis Workshop) are now online.

Did you miss The Spatial Blend 2022 H2 Issue? Time to get caught up with what the Spatial team is doing.

Hope you got plenty of time to read because Andre Bakker’s lectures on CFD total 612 pages.


Cast your vote for the OpenFOAM Journal’s 2023 cover image. [#08 gets my vote.]

Flow around le Centre Pompidou computed using Vento CFD.

Quantitative evaluation of precautions against the COVID-19 indoor transmission through human coughing. [As opposed to whom coughing? I was hoping for much more from the images.]

I think by now most everyone is aware that Ansys acquired the Rocky DEM software from ESSS.

Beta CAE released v23.1.0 of their software suite.

By drilling holes in propeller blades in just the right locations you can decrease radiated underwater noise.

Holger Marschall shares several resources related to the origins of industrial CFD (Phoenics, Star, Creare.x, etc.)

Deep Learning and Computational Physics (Lecture Notes – not slides) by Ray, Pinti, and Oberai.

Altair Simulation 2022.2 is now available.

When I look at Pierre Soulages paintings, I see a cross between Franz Kline and Yves Klein with a bit of French je ne sais quoi thrown in. His Painting 74 (shown below) also ticks my boxes for geometric rhythm and black & white palette. Yes, there is a faceted quality but also an organic sense from the predominance of the brush strokes which when combined yields a sense of motion across the canvas. Read more about the artist at Artsper.

Pierre Soulages, Painting 74, 2013. source

Bonus: You need never worry again about where NASA’s Webb telescope is.

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