Create Better Designs Faster with Data Analysis for CFD – A Webinar on March 28th

Automated design optimization is a key technology in the pursuit of more efficient engineering design. It supports the design engineer in finding better designs faster. A computerized approach that systematically searches the design space and provides feedback on many more design choices replaces the human-driven approach of manually evaluating several design choices. The focus and energy of the engineer shift from setting up and running simulations to better understanding and analyzing design spaces.

In this 30-minute webinar, including Q&A, we introduce the design optimization solutions in Cadence’s CFD software focusing on data analysis tools. We demonstrate how data analysis can guide the engineer in better understanding performance across the design space, leading to more efficient designs.

You will learn:

  • Cadence design optimization techniques
  • How to gain an understanding of complex design spaces
  • Cadence data analytics solutions for CFD-based design

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