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Energetic entrepreneur. Maniacal scientist. Typical engineer. Devoted husband. Frayed father. Principal Director of Applied CCM Canada

From Meshing to Infrared

For those of you who I didn’t contact directly or don’t already know, this post will serve to inform you I no longer work at Pointwise. I was invited to continue as a guest blogger here at Another Fine Mesh … Continue reading

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Soothing the Pain of Meshing for More than Just CFD

The way the audience was looking at me, you’d have thought I had just offered a previously unknown antidote for some long suffering pain. For a brief moment, I thought someone might come up and give me a hug. The … Continue reading

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It’s Not Always the Mesh Generator’s Fault

Not many people really enjoy meshing. It’s a means to an end. It gets in the way of getting to the answer. So it’s no surprise that when things go wrong, the mesh often gets the blame. In Pointwise’s case, … Continue reading

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How Meshing Stole a Year of My Life

My former Ph.D. advisor sent me an email recently asking for some of the geometries I used during my graduate studies. A student had read some papers we wrote and was interested in performing some similar CFD calculations. “No problem!” … Continue reading

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Fear Not the Sales Engineer

I’m a technical sales engineer at Pointwise. Now that I’ve lost half of my audience with that statement I’ve really got my work cut out for me. So what is it about salespeople that make consumers – in particular, who … Continue reading

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