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Black Friday Special: This Week in CFD Returns

It’s been 53 days since the last edition of This Week in CFD was published. Can you wait just a few days more for its return? In the meantime, enjoy this visualization of a mixed-order, high-order mesh. [Wait, was I … Continue reading

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For All Intensive Purposes, We Use the Acronym CAD Incorrectly

Now that I have your attention through deliberate (and all too common) misuse of the phrase “for all intents and purposes,” let’s talk about computer aided design and geometry models. 

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Happy 24th Birthday, Pointwise

I received a text message early this morning from a friend and I’m embarrassed to say it reminded me of something that had slipped my mind (which my lovely wife would blame on my recent concussion).

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Where’s My This Week in CFD?

The most recent edition of This Week in CFD was published on 28 September. Rest assured, there has been a lot of activity in the world of CFD in the intervening weeks. What there hasn’t been is any time to … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the Mesh Effects Symposium at GMGW-2

The 2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop (GMGW-2) is happening this January in San Diego prior to AIAA SciTech. One interesting component of the workshop is a mini-symposium on Mesh Effects on CFD Solutions that’s free for anyone attending … Continue reading

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I Should Be at the ASSESS Congress Today

The ASSESS Congress 2018 is happening today outside Atlanta where an invitation-only group of engineering simulation leaders are gathered to “launch the simulation revolution.” But I’m not among them and that’s a problem. 

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The Latest CFD Meshing News From Pointwise

If you are interested in mesh adaptation, high order meshing, structured grids, hybrid meshes, mesh automation, and meshing process simplification, those topics represent just the last month or so at Pointwise. Read on for the details including how you can … Continue reading

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