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Glyph API for Python

Ever wish you could write Glyph scripts to extend or customize the functionality of Pointwise in some language other than Tcl/Tk? Python coders: wish no more! In conjunction with the release of Pointwise V18.2 in September 2018, we’ve developed and published a wrapper … Continue reading

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How Pointwise Releases Software

Development of a commercial software product is a never-ending process. As soon as we publish new features, you want more. And, oh, don’t forget about the constant effort to improve your meshing experience through defect repair and performance improvements. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Taming the Monster that is Cross-Platform Development

Designing and developing software tools for engineers is hard enough. Now take it   commercial and make a viable business out of it. Expand your development team beyond the critical mass of about five people, and the process needs to … Continue reading

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Developer’s Diary: Porting Pointwise to Mac OS X

A customer recently asked the casual but loaded question: Was it easy to port Pointwise to the Mac? Wow, where to begin? Practically speaking, porting a large and complex piece of software from one platform to another is always challenging, … Continue reading

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