Meshing the Potsdam Propeller with Pointwise

PPTC-Webinar-2018-06-alternate-1000x763In this new on-demand webinar we demonstrate how to generate a hybrid hexahedral-tetrahedral mesh for the Potsdam Propeller. You’ll see both approaches (solid meshing and fault tolerance meshing) to generating surface meshes on the geometry model, the T-Rex technique for generating boundary layer resolved meshes, Glyph scripting, and more.  Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

TecplotAnnouncement-R5 The subject of wind tunnels and testing has come up a lot in the last couple of weeks so it’s perfect that this post includes a link to a photo essay of NASA’s wind tunnels. Of course, there’s all the normal CFD goodness too, such as the Converge-Tecplot partnership illustrated here.  Continue reading

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Introducing Pointwise’s Summer 2018 Interns

interns-2018-at-king-tut-smallAll four of our interns are at least a couple of weeks into their tasks for this summer. They’re writing scripts and plugins, testing new features, contributing to our research on high order meshes, and helping out in many other ways.

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Monitor Mesh Quality with Persistent Cuts – New in Pointwise V18.1

front-viewWhen generating a complex mesh it is important to ensure that the mesh quality meets the needs of your application. Successful monitoring of mesh quality requires access to metrics at all stages of the meshing process versus confining those metrics to one particular feature of the software. Pointwise V18.1 addresses this with the addition of “persistent cuts” –  slices through a volume mesh can be monitored throughout the entire meshing process.  Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

hull340For those of us in the USA, today’s post is the lead-in to the 3-day weekend celebrating Memorial Day. On that same USA theme, there’s mystery around a baseball’s drag and a video showing application of CFD to a motorboat’s hull (Back Cove 340 shown here). I suspect there will be a lot of baseball and boating this weekend.  Continue reading

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Drawing Curves on Geometry Without a Parametric Space – New in Pointwise V18.1

simple-partDrawing curves on the geometry model is a lot more flexible in the latest Pointwise release because it can now be done when the model lacks a consistent parametric space (like a solid model comprised of a complex quilting of trimmed surfaces) or lacks a parametric space entirely (like a faceted model from an STL file). Continue reading

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CAD to FEA in Five Minutes

The March 2018 issue of Digital Engineering came across my desk the other day and one article in particular caught my attention. Written by Tony Abbey, the Siemens FEMAP with NX NASTRAN Overview, Part 2 article focused on meshing. In particular, Tony walked through the process of meshing a tie rod for an FEA analysis. Two things stood out while reading this article:

  1. It took 30 minutes to mesh using FEMAP.
  2. The geometry is available for download.

I thought it would be a fun exercise to attempt generating a similar mesh using Pointwise. I downloaded the geometry, imported into Pointwise, and meshed it to similar specifications in five minutes. Here’s how I did it.

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