Stuff Engineers Don’t Learn in School, Part 3

selinger-bookIn this 3rd installment of our series on Carl Selinger’s book Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School, Cade, Cannon and I (Patrick couldn’t make the meeting) delve into chapters 8-11 on Understanding Yourself and Others, Working in Teams, Learn to Negotiate, and Being More Creative. If you want to get caught up, you’ll find Part 1 (chapters 1-3) and Part 2 (chapters 4-7) in previous posts.

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Survey Results: Workstations for Meshing

survey-checks-cropBack in May 2019 we surveyed the CFD and meshing communities about the computer workstations on which they currently run their mesh generation software and on their need for meshing software to be supported on HPC platforms. It has taken a while, but the results have been compiled, charted, and are presented here as promised. Continue reading

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Case Study: CFD and AI Can Aid Driverless Cars

driverless-car-flowKhalid Kalil’s MSc thesis at Cranfield University involved the use of CFD to define the flowfield around multiple vehicles traveling along a roadway. The results can be used to train a driverless car’s artificial intelligence so it can travel not only efficiently but safely. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

gatech-turbThis week’s CFD news starts with an intriguing article about posits, an alternative to floating point numbers that are said to provide faster and more accurate computations. Coming soon to a computer near you? There are several very cool articles about applied CFD including the one illustrated here from Georgia Tech about simulation of turbulence, combustion, and heat transfer. Also, what do you know about the guts of CFD?
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This Week in CFD

precambrian-paleoecologyFor today’s post-Independence Day (in the U.S, although I guess it’s still post-yesterday everywhere) edition of This Week in CFD, we start with this unique application of CFD: studying the manner in which a 500 million year old organism fed (so-called gregarious suspension feeding, a term I’m still trying to parse). Fans of OSS will like the new release of OpenFOAM and the launch of the SU2 Foundation. Plus there’s the usual suspects: applications, software releases, and articles.  Continue reading

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I’m Cannon DeBardelaben and This Is How I Mesh

I’ve always had a passion for all things aerospace. One of my earliest memories is going up in a biplane where we proceeded to do barrel rolls and loops. As a kid I read every aircraft or space encyclopedia I could get my hands on. Going to high school in Franklin, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville), my aerospace passion went somewhat on the backburner, as I got caught up in school and extracurricular activities (mainly rock climbing and soccer). Sometime in my junior year of high school, as I was having the same “what do I do with my life” that most people have during that time (does that ever go away?), a friend mentioned their dad was an aerospace engineer. In my mind everything just kind of clicked. That’s a thing? Of course that’s what I need to do!

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Stuff Engineers Don’t Learn in School, Part 2

selinger-bookOur summer interns (Cade, Cannon, and Patrick) and I continue our discussion of Carl Selinger‘s book Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School. If you missed Part 1 of this series, we covered the first three chapters (Introduction, Writing, Speaking and Listening). We most recently spent time discussing chapters 4-7 (Making Decisions, Getting Feedback, Setting Priorities, and Being Effective at Meetings).
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