Mesh With Us: Two Open Positions at Pointwise

hiring2Pointwise will be expanding our Technical Sales team through the hiring of two professionals who are passionate about mesh generation, CFD, and engineering software.  Continue reading

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Motorsport with Wings: Red Bull Air Race

rbar-cfd-cropThe Red Bull Air Race returns to Fort Worth in November 2018 to host their season finale at Texas Motor Speedway. If you’re an aviation nerd and haven’t witnessed this event, I highly recommend you get some tickets and come watch. Continue reading

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I’m Lorenzo Alba and This Is How I Mesh

Hello! I was raised in Richardson, Texas. Although my home town is known as a hub for companies in the information technology and electronics industries, my father’s background as a mechanic resulted in me being raised as a grease monkey. Along with a fascination with math and all things technology, this led me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. I look forward to graduating in May 2019. Although I grew up passionate about everything mechanical, I have become equally interested in computers and their role in driving the engineering of mechanical systems through CAD and simulation.

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Mesh Resolution: Bringing Order to Coarse, Medium, Fine

mesh-order-hlcrmThe 2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop is taking the qualitative out of mesh resolution by adopting a quantitative definition that will evolve as we move toward the vision of CFD in the year 2030.  Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

particle-in-cell-satIn this end-of-summer edition of This Week in CFD we see several outstanding examples of applied CFD including a heart valve done with STAR-CCM+, a tuna done with SC/Tetra, and certification by CFD using FUN3D. And then there’s this simulation of contamination around a satellite done by Particle in Cell for which yours truly made the mesh. (Even I can import a CAD file and press the “mesh” button.) Continue reading

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Workshop on Wind Energy and Marine Applications of CFD and Meshing

Xing Image_ Ad - WkspHamburg2018Pointwise will be in Hamburg, Germany on 18 September for a 1-day workshop on reliable CFD simulations for marine and wind energy applications.  You will learn how meshing impacts both the accuracy of your results and the efficiency of your simulation process. Continue reading

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Ten Gallons of Research: Spencer Owen’s Internship

owen-hatSpencer Owen spent the summer on our Applied Research team working on new technology that’s still a version or two away from release. He made two new features quite a bit more robust through his testing and feedback. Continue reading

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