This Week in CFD

simerics-phil-frank-supercarThis week’s CFD news includes a very cool study of vortex collisions and what they can tell us about turbulence. More good reading is available in articles on hidden fluid mechanics and hybrid geometry modeling. Shown here is a simulation of Phil Frank’s Supercar done using Rhino Flow RT. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

improve-electric-car-ranges-cfd-optimizationWhat CFD application would require 10 quadrillion mesh points? That and more is included in this week’s CFD news. In addition to the usual, cool applications of CFD and software releases, there seem to be quite a few job openings in the CFD world. And you’ll probably want to listen to a panel discussion on use of HPC to accelerate CFD. Shown here is a Fluent simulation of drag on an electric car. BTW, what do you think of ANSYS’ new logo? Continue reading

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Michael Honke’s Productive Internship

Honke-Jefferies-BakerWe can’t call it “what I did this summer” because Michael Honke was our first fall semester intern. But believe it or not, his time with us is already over and he gave his final presentation a couple weeks ago. I’m certain you’ll find his work interesting. Here are Michael, Mike Jefferies (Manager of Product Development) and Pat Baker (Director of Product Development). Continue reading

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Survey Results: Mesh Types, Part 1

Check List

We asked and 201 of you answered. You told us about the types of meshes you’re generating (structured hex, unstructured or hybrid, Cartesian), whether they’re overset or high-order, how big they are, and more. We reveal your answers here in Part 1 and we’re saving replies to some of your long-form comments for Part 2. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

Ntopology_1Did you catch the CFD shown on-air during the Super Bowl broadcast? It’s included in this week’s roundup of CFD news. And there are a few bigger science issues such as why airplanes fly, viscous heat, and exactly how old is trigonometry. Don’t worry – there’s the usual roundup of CFD applications, software releases, and job postings. The image shown here is an impeller designed in nTop Platform from a DEVELOP3D article of the need for improved tools for the future of manufacturing. Continue reading

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ORCA Surfboard Goes From CFD to the Waves

surfboard-meshDo you remember our case study from a couple of years ago where our friends at CRAFT Tech used Pointwise as part of a tool chain to optimize the performance of a big wave surfboard? Well that surfboard, called ORCA, has finally gotten into the water. Continue reading

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I’m Martin Leahy and This Is How I Mesh

I grew up and still live and work in Victoria, a southern state of Australia. I am lucky to have wonderful family of three children and a wonderful wife, Amy. I grew up on a sheep/cattle farm in Glenaroua, Victoria, a regional town consisting of not much more than a fire-station and farms, as the Glenaroua wiki attests to. I love a lot of the outdoor aspects of farm life (hunting, golf, cricket and footy). Competitive sporting activities with my older brother probably encouraged our academic pursuits and we both earned a Ph.D. in our respective fields.

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