This Week in CFD

Carwash_Poster_MoreSpec.pngSo much CFD news this week including a lot of software launches and a plethora of OpenFOAM versions. (So many OFs that I rhetorically ask for someone to map the OF universe for me.) There’s a very good read on the topic of Simulation and Understanding. The image shown here is a car wash sim from PreonLab. And Pointwise is now accepting applications for summer 2020 internships. All this and more ahead.
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What Types of Meshes Are You Generating?

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We’re taking a survey to learn about what mesh types (structured, unstructured, hybrid, Cartesian, high-order, overset, etc.) are most widely used and how big those meshes are. Can you help us by spending 5 minutes sharing your information? We will post the results here on the blog. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

It never fails that the CFD world produces a plethora of applications each week beginning with the universe’s biggest simulation ever via LiveScience. But if you prefer your sims less in outer space and more in the clouds, there are three news items about CFD as a service. Bringing it down to earth, how about CFD for the world’s fastest tractor?  Beyond the applications articles there are plenty of software releases, some brief news, and what may be a controversial article about the practicality of quantum computers.
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I’m Michael Honke and This Is How I Mesh

I’m a Canadian masters student interning at Pointwise from the University of Waterloo. My current research is on ferrofluid simulation. I did a BSc in Physics as my undergrad degree at the University of Winnipeg where I studied EM simulation. My interest in simulation started as a kid playing various tycoon and city simulation games. Combining this with an interest in physics naturally led to an interest in physical simulation. The idea of taking something real from our world, creating a model and having full control of it to study is fascinating. While working on my masters, I’ve repeatedly encountered meshes and became interested in their use for simulation. They also spawn an endless amount of math and computer science problems to be solved!

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This Week in CFD

what-is-feaThis week’s CFD news seems to be dominated by business deals (involving FieldView, ANSYS, and more) and automotive applications. A new conference on CAE interoperability was announced for next year and I hope one of you can attend and share what happened there. Right here we have an image from an article asking “What is FEA?”  Continue reading

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25 Years of CFD Meshing

25Years-onlyWhile you were enjoying your day off yesterday, Pointwise silently turned 25 years old. We had already celebrated with a lot of you at the reception we hosted at AIAA Aviation this summer in Dallas. (If only that rainstorm hadn’t delayed so many flights.) Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

altair-edemThe past two weeks have yielded two “must see” CFD articles. The first is on the data management and visualization aspects of using pressure sensitive paint in wind tunnel testing of NASA’s Space Launch System. The second delves into splines which are so essential to geometry modeling and meshing. There’s lots of other news too, including the anouncement of Altair’s acquisition of DEM Solutions. The image shown here is a screen capture from a video about the acquisition showing one application of EDEM.
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