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Accuracy, Convergence and Mesh Quality

[This article was first published in the May/June 2012 issue of The Connector. It was so popular there it’s reposted here to reach a broader audience.] “We know embarrassingly little about how the mesh affects the CFD solution,” said Prof. … Continue reading

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Is CFD Stuck in an Ivory Tower?

A reader asked whether CFD is an “ivory tower” tool and, if so, what would it take to make CFD more reliable. The simple answers are “no” and “validation and verification.” But nothing is that simple. CFD Is One Big … Continue reading

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There’s More to CFD Convergence than Reading the Manual

What can you do to ensure your computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions converge?  Everyone who runs CFD codes, from novice to expert, needs to know the answer to this question. NAFEMS, an independent, international authority on the use of computer … Continue reading

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