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CFD 2030 at AIAA Aviation

The CFD 2030 Integration Committee is hosting a special session at this summer’s AIAA Aviation Forum on five years of progress toward the CFD 2030 Vision since the study’s publication.

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I’m Jeremy Shipman and This Is How I Mesh

I was born in the summer of 1972 during hurricane Agnes on the U.S. Navy Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut, where my father was based as a Submarine Reactor Operator and my mother was a graduate student in Music at … Continue reading

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CFD in Aerospace America’s Year in Review 2018

We’re already one month into the new year but I finally finished reading Aerospace America’s 2018 Year in Review issue, my favorite issue of AIAA’s magazine. I looked for CFD throughout the issue and here’s what I found.

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Help Wanted: 5 Years of Meshing in 30 Minutes

I sure could use some help. I’ve taken on a gargantuan task that’s beyond any single person’s ability. OK, maybe just beyond my ability and my capacity. What I’d like to do is crowd-source a literature search for advancements in … Continue reading

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Introducing AIAA’s CFD 2030 Integration Committee

How impactful has the CFD 2030 Vision Study been on the CFD world? I think AIAA just made its impact official by forming the CFD 2030 Integration Committee to foster and promote the 2030 vision. 

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Still Time to Register for GMGW-2

Are you interested in seeing mesh generation for CFD improve? Do you want to see open and honest presentations about what can be done and where challenges remain? Do you want to be involved in early discussions on future CFD … Continue reading

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4 Motivations for Better Boundary Layer Meshing

Power to the users! You won’t find it plastered around the office, but you can be sure that it’s top of mind here at Pointwise. While the latest release includes more “push-button” solutions in our effort to make meshing invisible, … Continue reading

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