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In Pursuit of the Ideal Mesh

Approaches to discretizing models for physics-based simulation have matured considerably over the years with several meshing techniques from which to choose including: multi-block structured, overset, octree, advancing front, and so on. Each of these approaches has its benefits and drawbacks when comparing one with another. Convergence and solution accuracy are evaluated among three mesh configurations of an ONERA M6 wing to help determine whether there exist any advantages of using an unstructured mixed-cell meshing approach over other unstructured advancing front and multi-block structured options. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

Business If you’re interested in the state of the Russian MCAD market, a bilingual research paper is available from Ralph Grabowski, editor of upFront.eZine. Two perspicuous posts from MonicaSchnitger: Exa had a good Q4 rounding out a good 2014. Revenue … Continue reading

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