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Help Wanted: 5 Years of Meshing in 30 Minutes

I sure could use some help. I’ve taken on a gargantuan task that’s beyond any single person’s ability. OK, maybe just beyond my ability and my capacity. What I’d like to do is crowd-source a literature search for advancements in … Continue reading

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For All Intensive Purposes, We Use the Acronym CAD Incorrectly

Now that I have your attention through deliberate (and all too common) misuse of the phrase “for all intents and purposes,” let’s talk about computer aided design and geometry models. 

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Geometry Kernel Research Selected by U.S. Air Force

Pointwise’s research proposal on the topic of providing geometry kernel support for CFD solvers was selected for negotiation by the U.S. Air Force.

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Drawing Curves on Geometry Without a Parametric Space – New in Pointwise V18.1

Drawing curves on the geometry model is a lot more flexible in the latest Pointwise release because it can now be done when the model lacks a consistent parametric space (like a solid model comprised of a complex quilting of … Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

This week’s CFD news includes several long-ish but worthy reads on intelligence, exascale, and reading news itself. Plus the usual software and application updates. (This image courtesy of an article on CFD for F1.)

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Why CAD Surface Geometry is Inexact

The fact that geometry models from a CAD system are inexact may surprise some people. But the explanation provided here by guest authors Benjamin Urick and Benjamin Marussig may be one of the most concise explanations of that fact I’ve … Continue reading

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