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I’m Antoine Ligier and This Is How I Mesh

I was born in Lyon near the French Alps and spent most of my childhood there and in the greater Paris region. As a kid, I was always interested in sport and sciences and spent most of my time outdoors … Continue reading

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Roundup of CFD Success Stories

If it seems like we’ve been sharing a lot recently about our work with our friends and partners, it’s true – we have been. During the first several months of “work from home” we chose to showcase a lot of … Continue reading

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Webinar: Automated Meshing and Adaptive Remeshing

In what promises to be a fantastic webinar, Bombardier’s Amine Ben Haj Ali talks with Pointwise’s Rick Matus about the automatic mesh generation system he built using Pointwise and with which over 250,000 meshes have been generated since 2017.

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Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS

Design and construction of covered car parks in Australia requires CFD modeling of carbon monoxide from car exhausts to extraction fans to ensure the carbon monoxide level does not rise too high for the safety of occupants. Car park design … Continue reading

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Case Study: Ice Accretion on UAVs

Just as for manned aircraft, ice accretion on the lifting surfaces of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a severe hazard that significantly limits their use. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods are a vital tool for understanding the effects of … Continue reading

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