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Glyph API for Python

Ever wish you could write Glyph scripts to extend or customize the functionality of Pointwise in some language other than Tcl/Tk? Python coders: wish no more! In conjunction with the release of Pointwise V18.2 in September 2018, we’ve developed and published a wrapper … Continue reading

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4 Motivations for Better Boundary Layer Meshing

Power to the users! You won’t find it plastered around the office, but you can be sure that it’s top of mind here at Pointwise. While the latest release includes more “push-button” solutions in our effort to make meshing invisible, … Continue reading

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A Mathematician and Meshing: Tyler Anderson’s Summer Internship

We introduced you to Tyler Anderson a month ago. This Aggie math major finished his summer internship on our Product Development team last week and we wanted to share with you what he accomplished. 

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The Plugin SDK, Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins

The Pointwise Plugin SDK includes an API with which you can integrate meshing into your CFD process with customized file importers and exporters. Here’s how you can get – for free – the ultimate resource for writing your own plugins.

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I’m Tyler Anderson and This Is How I Mesh

Howdy! I was born and raised in the city of Allen, Texas. From a young age I quickly realized that I wanted to work in a field that relied strongly on the use of mathematics. In school I was always … Continue reading

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