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Today is James Clark’s birthday

Today is a daily double for CFD-related birthdays. First, Pierre-Simon Laplace and now James Clark. James H. Clark was born 23 March 1944 in Plainview, Texas. If his name is still not familiar to you, maybe you know the name … Continue reading

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Today is Claude-Louis Navier’s birthday

Claude-Louis Navier was born 10 February 1785 in Paris, France. He is famous of course for the Navier-Stokes equations named after him and George Gabriel Stokes. The Navier-Stokes describe the motion of viscous fluids and are derived by applying Newton’s … Continue reading

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Today is Ludwig Prandtl’s birthday

Ludiwg Prandtl was born in Friesing , Upper Bavaria on February 4th 1875. Why is he important? Here are just a few of his contributions to the field of fluid mechanics: defined the concept of the boundary layer and explained … Continue reading

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