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This Week in CFD

This week’s CFD news leads with a summary of some of the cool CFD-related events going on at next summer’s AIAA Aviation include special sessions focused on quantifying the effects of the mesh on a CFD solution. Three separate events … Continue reading

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Survey Results: Workstations for Meshing

Back in May 2019 we surveyed the CFD and meshing communities about the computer workstations on which they currently run their mesh generation software and on their need for meshing software to be supported on HPC platforms. It has taken … Continue reading

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CFD in Aerospace America’s Year in Review 2018

We’re already one month into the new year but I finally finished reading Aerospace America’s 2018 Year in Review issue, my favorite issue of AIAA’s magazine. I looked for CFD throughout the issue and here’s what I found.

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Help Wanted: 5 Years of Meshing in 30 Minutes

I sure could use some help. I’ve taken on a gargantuan task that’s beyond any single person’s ability. OK, maybe just beyond my ability and my capacity. What I’d like to do is crowd-source a literature search for advancements in … Continue reading

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Discover Meshing Best-Practices in Pointwise for Propulsion Aerodynamics Applications

Meshing remains somewhat of an art. Engineers tend to spend a significant amount of time generating grids, while mathematicians develop more advanced algorithms that may end up being exercised on meshes inappropriate for a given application. A mesh that provides … Continue reading

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The Plugin SDK, Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins

The Pointwise Plugin SDK includes an API with which you can integrate meshing into your CFD process with customized file importers and exporters. Here’s how you can get – for free – the ultimate resource for writing your own plugins.

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The Plugin SDK, Part 3: Structured Grid Import – New in Pointwise V18.1

The Pointwise Plugin SDK was updated with the release of V18.1 to include grid import capability. This third post in a 4-part series provides details about how to write a structured grid importer. Previous posts have detailed unstructured grid import … Continue reading

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