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Case Study: Ice Accretion on UAVs

Just as for manned aircraft, ice accretion on the lifting surfaces of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a severe hazard that significantly limits their use. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods are a vital tool for understanding the effects of … Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

It seems this week that CFD stands for Covid-19 Fueled Disarray. But enough of that. Even though this week’s CFD news is a tad light, there are several really cool grid pictures. Shown here is a model of the lungs … Continue reading

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Survey Results: Mesh Types, Part 2

The Mesh Types survey included several questions with short-form answers and we shared that data last month. Here we have answers to the long-form, open-ended question about what types of meshes you said you wanted to generate. So let’s start … Continue reading

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I’m Vincent van Liebergen and This Is How I Mesh

My fascination for fluid flow began around three decades ago. I always loved water sports as a child and competed in both sailing and swimming. In order to become a better sportsman, you have to practice, understand, and optimize your … Continue reading

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What Types of Meshes Are You Generating?

We’re taking a survey to learn about what mesh types (structured, unstructured, hybrid, Cartesian, high-order, overset, etc.) are most widely used and how big those meshes are. Can you help us by spending 5 minutes sharing your information? We will … Continue reading

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