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Survey Results: Mesh Types, Part 1

We asked and 201 of you answered. You told us about the types of meshes you’re generating (structured hex, unstructured or hybrid, Cartesian), whether they’re overset or high-order, how big they are, and more. We reveal your answers here in … Continue reading

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Survey Results: Workstations for Meshing

Back in May 2019 we surveyed the CFD and meshing communities about the computer workstations on which they currently run their mesh generation software and on their need for meshing software to be supported on HPC platforms. It has taken … Continue reading

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Survey on Workstations for Meshing

Computers are always evolving. Deskside machines get replaced by desktop machines get replaced by laptops get replaced by tablets. CPUs get faster, memory gets bigger, and new technology like GPUs gets introduced. New operating systems burst onto the scene and … Continue reading

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