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Resolving Boundary Layers with Unstructured Quad and Hex Meshing: On-Demand Webinar

All things being equal, CFD practitioners prefer to use hexahedral mesh cells in the boundary layer for the improved robustness and accuracy they bring to the flow solver. Traditionally, a hex grid would be created using a structured grid technique … Continue reading

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Case Study: A New Mesh Adaptation Procedure That Really Works

Pointwise and ISimQ developed an efficient adaptation procedure for effective control of discretization error on real-world cases that adapts to underlying geometry while still efficiently resolving the mesh with high aspect ratios in boundary layers. Shown here are results computed … Continue reading

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Survey Results: Mesh Types, Part 2

The Mesh Types survey included several questions with short-form answers and we shared that data last month. Here we have answers to the long-form, open-ended question about what types of meshes you said you wanted to generate. So let’s start … Continue reading

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The Meshy Award for 2018 Goes To…

At last month’s Pointwise User Group Meeting, several meshes competed for the coveted Meshy Award, the award that recognizes the mesh generated in Pointwise that best exhibits a combination of artistry and technical skill. The panel of judges reviewed and … Continue reading

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Everything New in Pointwise V18.2

The marquee feature in Pointwise Version 18.2 is the ability to generate high-order meshes but the new features don’t stop there. The hybrid meshing technique T-Rex now includes several features that more robustly and more flexibly generate boundary layer resolving … Continue reading

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