The Latest CFD Meshing News From Pointwise

burner-oneIf you are interested in mesh adaptation, high order meshing, structured grids, hybrid meshes, mesh automation, and meshing process simplification, those topics represent just the last month or so at Pointwise. Read on for the details including how you can learn about all those topics and more at next month’s Pointwise User Group Meeting. Continue reading

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I’m Kelly Senecal and This Is How I DON’T Mesh

Kelly-SI was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to an Irish mother and a French-Canadian father. We moved to Northern Michigan just before first grade, and it was there that I attended school through the twelfth grade. I was always interested in math and science as a kid, but I also liked the arts (especially music). I pursued a physics major at Lawrence University (a small, liberal arts school in Wisconsin), because I liked applying mathematics to describe the physical world.

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Everything New in Pointwise V18.2

voxelBlock_Current3The marquee feature in Pointwise Version 18.2 is the ability to generate high-order meshes but the new features don’t stop there. The hybrid meshing technique T-Rex now includes several features that more robustly and more flexibly generate boundary layer resolving meshes. New users (and even experienced users) will appreciate the new radial-style context menu, the on-screen view manipulator, and much more.  Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

simscale-front-wingIt’s purely coincidental that the week we release Pointwise’s high-order meshing capability is also the week that ExaFLOW shares some of their high-order CFD work. And this week’s news is chock full of cool CFD applications from ship hulls, to heart valves, to race cars (exemplified by this beautiful SimScale visualization of flow over a car’s front wing).  Continue reading

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4 Motivations for Better Boundary Layer Meshing

Power to the users! You won’t find it plastered around the office, but you can be sure that it’s top of mind here at Pointwise. While the latest release includes more “push-button” solutions in our effort to make meshing invisible, you’ll also find a slew of features designed, in part, for the power user. One of these features can be leveraged to generate more efficient boundary layer meshes and is something we call Growth Profiles.

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This Week in CFD

aneurysm1Everyone in CFD is hiring, or so it seems. Four companies, including Pointwise, are advertising for open positions and there certainly are others. Did CFD visualization need rethinking? Ceetron thinks so. And high-order, curve mesh generation is now available in the latest release of Pointwise. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

chorus-f1-exampleIt must be the season for CFD contests as ANSYS just opened submissions for their hall of fame, EDEM announced winners of their viz contest, and there’s still time to enter your mesh for Pointwise’s The Meshy. Maybe as a counter to our recent post about the Red Bull Air Race, Tecplot Chorus shares how it was used for Formula 1 racing (as shown here). And, did you hear that Pointwise is hiring?   Continue reading

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