This Week in CFD

cyclist-press-defecitThis week’s news includes a long introduction to quantum computing that’s worth reading just in case we’ll be running CFD on such things. Lots of CFD applications are included, such as the one shown here about data used to validate CFD for cyclists. And do come see us if you’ll be in Dallas next week for AIAA Aviation. But we begin with several articles on meshing including an object that probably hasn’t been meshed before.
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I’m Patrick Mills and This Is How I Mesh

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and moved to Katy, Texas when I was five years old. I grew up loving sports, and played football and soccer in high school. After I graduated high school I moved back to Montreal to obtain my BEng in mechanical engineering at Concordia University. While at Concordia, I joined the football team and played for two years. I graduated from Concordia in 2018 and decided to stay and get my MS in aerospace engineering, where I am currently researching high order numerical methods for computational aero-acoustics

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Introducing Pointwise’s Interns for Summer 2019

Interns-2019-05-Tut-cropIt’s that time of the year when all our summer interns have started work and we’re ramping up for a fun and productive summer. Their welcome lunch was held at King Tut, a Pointwise favorite. Throughout the summer you’ll be hearing more about them so let me briefly introduce them to you.
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This Week in CFD

Simulation-of-a-VIP-latrine-with-SimScale-391This week’s This Week includes the most eclectic set of CFD applications I can recall, from the usual race cars and rockets to teeth, noses, and dinosaur necks. (One of those eclectic applications is shown here: ventilation of a latrine using SimScale. I don’t even want to know what the red color represents.) In addition to the usual software releases the SU2 folks have created a foundation to help move their open-source code forward. And there’s a trio of meshing articles and a trio of job openings. We lead off with several Pointwise news items which isn’t our usual style but there are things we think you might want to know about.  Continue reading

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The Evolution of Computational Aerospace from 1968-2018

mesh-side-smallSometimes you write something that ends up on the cutting room floor (as my film-loving friends might say). Such is the case with an article I was asked to write for the 50th anniversary of the Society of Flight Test Engineers in 2018. Alas, plans change and the article went unused. I thought it turned out OK so I figured we could share it here even though its target audience isn’t necessarily the same as this blog’s readership. Therefore, I ask that you forgive some of the generalizations.  (Image shown to the right is from one of the references cited herein.) Continue reading

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This Is How I Thread (Parallelism & Pointwise)

banner_1Don’t let the title mislead you. This article contains no information regarding sewing, knitting, or weaving. As interesting as textiles may be, this article instead focuses on computer parallelism and multithreading. As you may know, computing in parallel involves running multiple tasks simultaneously. You may have also heard that software developers use “threads” or “multithreading” to implement parallelism. For most people, that’s all they care to know about parallelism, but here at Pointwise we’re engineers. As engineers, technology gets us excited – especially when that technology helps us build first-class software. That’s where parallelism comes in. This article will focus on what parallelism is and how it influences you and me as Pointwise users.
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Survey on Workstations for Meshing

survey-checks-cropComputers are always evolving. Deskside machines get replaced by desktop machines get replaced by laptops get replaced by tablets. CPUs get faster, memory gets bigger, and new technology like GPUs gets introduced. New operating systems burst onto the scene and while others wane in popularity. And for CFD, graphics libraries and their implementations have a great impact on your experience and productivity as a user.
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