Farewell, Another Fine Mesh. Hello, Cadence CFD Blog.

They say the only constant in life is change and that’s as true for blogs as anything else. After almost a dozen years blogging here on WordPress.com as Another Fine Mesh, it’s time to move to a new home, the Cadence CFD Blog.

We’ll be delivering the same stories you’re used to – customer successes, product updates, conference and event news, industry updates – with a broader scope that includes the entire Fidelity CFD portfolio from geometry model preparation, mesh generation, flow solvers of all types, knowledge extraction, and next-generation techniques.

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The first thing you’re going to want to do is head over to the Cadence CFD Blog and subscribe so you get an email for each new post.

The home page of the Cadence CFD Blog. Just click the red Subscribe by Email button to get a notification with each and every post. You’ll also notice that this platform includes blogs across the entire breadth of Cadence’s computational software – just click the Community link immediately above the masthead.

Other Ways to Stay Connected

In addition to subscribing to the blog, there are several other media that will keep you informed about all the latest application updates, new software releases, upcoming events, and more from the Fidelity CFD team.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, people actually don’t mind change; it’s the transition they hate. So instead of getting behind on the news, why not click those links and make the change today?

For one last time, you might want to read (again?) the 500th edition of This Week in CFD.

Thanks for reading Another Fine Mesh.

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This Week in CFD

You have been visited by the golden swan of CFD. Converged solutions are in your future. (I got this from reddit months ago and forgot whose it is. If it is yours, please claim the credit.)

Welcome to the 500th edition of This Week in CFD on the Another Fine Mesh blog. Over 12 years ago we decided to start blogging to connect with CFDers across teh interwebs. “Out-teach the competition” was the mantra. Almost immediately we learned how difficult it was to select worthy topics and write something quasi-intelligent about them. [You might argue that the quasi-intelligent goal remains elusive.] This Week in CFD was born out of that frustration. I had already been compiling CFD news for in-house use (“business intelligence” to use a fancy phrase). So why not share it with the CFD world? And so here we are. A lot has changed, a lot hasn’t. As one alert reader has said, the level of “snark” doesn’t seem to have diminished nor has the silliness. And to many a reader’s frustration, I continue to share art that interests me. Because I can. And now to the news which today will be a random walk through my bookmarks. [And now you’re scratching your head wondering what kind of pattern or order was in the previous editions.]

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Create Better Designs Faster with Data Analysis for CFD – A Webinar on March 28th

Automated design optimization is a key technology in the pursuit of more efficient engineering design. It supports the design engineer in finding better designs faster. A computerized approach that systematically searches the design space and provides feedback on many more design choices replaces the human-driven approach of manually evaluating several design choices. The focus and energy of the engineer shift from setting up and running simulations to better understanding and analyzing design spaces.

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This Week in CFD

It’s nice to see a healthy set of events in the CFD news this week and I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to register for CadenceCONNECT CFD on 19 April. And I don’t even mention the International Meshing Roundtable which is next week in Amsterdam. I hope you like guitars because we have plenty of those. Shown here is a close-up screen capture from an award-winning video of a DNS simulation of supersonic, turbulent flow over a microramp that I highly encourage you to watch.

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This Week in CFD

Some very cool applications of CFD (like the one shown here) dominate this week’s CFD news including asteroid impacts, fish, and a mesh of a mesh. For those of you with access, NAFEM’s article 100 Years of CFD is worth your time. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you to register for CadenceCONNECT CFD coming up on 19 April in Santa Clara. Shown here is a screen capture from one video on a wonderful webpage about triple-point shock interaction.

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