Still Time to Register for GMGW-2

opam-1-topAre you interested in seeing mesh generation for CFD improve? Do you want to see open and honest presentations about what can be done and where challenges remain? Do you want to be involved in early discussions on future CFD workshops and how they can be structured to collect data from which we can learn? Then I have a workshop for you coming in early January.
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This Week in CFD

dyson-mainWhile I continue to slog through the backlog of CFD news created by my own sloth – and many of you have pointed out that I seem to be missing the new news – there are some great items that are just a week or two old like the first exascale class computer, the beginning of a discussion of simulation-based design, and several cool applications like the one shown here from our friends at ANSYS. Try to guess what that is before you click through to the full article. You may have one in your house. Continue reading

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I’m Charles Schnake and This Is How I Mesh

I grew up in the woods just outside of a small logging town called Philomath, Oregon. My friends and I would run around the forest building tree forts, playing paintball, and getting poison oak. My father was an engineer by training and worked for HP his entire career. Given that he and I are very alike, it’s no surprise that I gravitated toward an education and career in STEM as well. Instead of traditional team sports, I participated in my high school’s FIRST Robotics team, and that pretty much cemented my trajectory into engineering. Out of the blue I developed a fascination with aerospace specifically, and that culminated in me attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Prescott, AZ for my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

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R.I.P. Christopher Reed

jsf-cfd-3-cropI said goodbye to a friend today. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

FruitCarving_03-croppedThis week’s news including applications ranging from soiling patterns on cars, to LES of wind turbines, to surfboards (or at least a tease thereof). There are a couple of articles that are food for thought: one about parallelization in particular and another about newish technologies that can potentially change how we design, simulate, and manufacture our products. Speaking of food, here’s a faceted, tasty treat from Colossal that I’ll describe in more detail next time. Continue reading

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Glyph API for Python


Ever wish you could write Glyph scripts to extend or customize the functionality of Pointwise in some language other than Tcl/Tk? Python coders: wish no more! In conjunction with the release of Pointwise V18.2 in September 2018, we’ve developed and published a wrapper API that provides full access to Glyph commands in a very Python-ic way that is still very familiar to the Tcl/Tk script writer. To a Python coder, the interface looks and feels like native Python, with the clear advantage of being able to use the full power of any community-developed Python package.

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This Week in CFD

Meshy-Winner-1170x500There’s a practical way to define convergence of a CFD solution. It’s when you run out of time or budget or both. That’s what happened with this edition of This Week in CFD after a 56 day hiatus. I ran out of time before I had exhausted my backlog of bookmarked CFD news. Like yesterday’s Thanksgiving turkey, this edition is stuffed and you’ll be getting the leftovers next Friday. But enough blather.  Continue reading

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