Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS

Design and construction of covered car parks in Australia requires CFD modeling of carbon monoxide from car exhausts to extraction fans to ensure the carbon monoxide level does not rise too high for the safety of occupants. Car park design consultants often perform CFD on the carbon monoxide ventilation using FDS, which is a fire and smoke/fume modelling solver used in various industries such as building services. The goal of this research project was to use an FDS project of a typical car park, to benchmark two more mainstream, fully-featured CFD solvers like Caelus (an OpenFOAM derivative) and ANSYS CFX. The meshing for CFX and Caelus was done with Pointwise, and FDS creates its own 100% hexahedral mesh.

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Solution-Based Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise and ANSYS CFX – Webinar Recording

Webinar-QA-Mesh-Adapt-hub-meshThe recording of our recent webinar, “Solution-Based Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise and ANSYS CFX” is now available for you to watch on-demand. Hosted by Pointwise’s  Nick Wyman and Steve Karman with special guest Paul Galpin from ISimQ, the video shows how adaptation can help you control the discretization error in your simulations. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

altair-cx-1-inspireThis week’s CFD news begins with announcements of several online events that are replacing in-person events. AI shows up twice, as an application and a product announcement. Plenty of CFD for beginners resources are referenced. And three good long-ish articles including one on the most important element in CFD. Try to guess what it is before you scroll down. Shown here is an Altair simulation done using ultraFluidX. Continue reading

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Engineering Sketch Pad ESP Training in June

esp-logoThe developers of ESP, The Engineering Sketch Pad, will offer a “virtual” training throughout the middle of June. Unlike the in-person, one-week event of last year, which covered both parametric geometric construction and the coupling to analysis suites (CAPS), this will initially only focus upon the geometry portion. The training sessions  will occur during the late mornings (Eastern time), which will consist of the lectures – see the agenda below. The hands-on exercises will be done as homework. Assistance for the exercises will be made available. Continue reading

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Pointwise + HELYX Adjoint = Optimized Design

level set1_3840Fluid flow performance and behavior are becoming increasingly important for the design of automotive vehicle shape and key components with increasing pressure to improve design performance while reducing cost and time to market. The goal is to generate optimal design shapes within the available space that provide the desired performance for specified design goals such as drag, lift, swirl and tumble, flow uniformity, noise reduction, material reduction, and reduced energy requirements. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

simwebinar_7The CFD world is producing some thought-provoking articles during the pandemic including one from SimScale on cloud computing and one from Fastway on their CAE Maturity Model. Two videos go into detail on use of AWS for CFD and an introduction to blastFoam. Shown here is a SolidWorks simulation of an electronics enclosure. Continue reading

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Your Input Needed for Next Summer’s Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

GMGW2-CFS-MeshThe 3rd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop (GMGW-3) will be held June 5-6, 2021 prior to AIAA Aviation in Washington, DC and will be co-located with the 4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HLPW-4). Shown here is a mesh from Cambridge Flow Solutions for one of the cases from GMGW-2. Continue reading

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