This Week in CFD

tcu-bb-court-3-cropThis week’s CFD news begins with a long read about visualization which is followed by an equally long read about computational thinking. There’s news about OpenFOAM’s new governance structure and glimpses of several cool meshes and facetings including the one shown here. Plus all your usual software and event news. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

tenzor-image-6This week’s CFD news has a lot of new software releases including another highly automated, design oriented, multi-physics tool. We begin with some survey results about brand awareness in the simulation market that I’m certain will make many folks go “Hmmm.” And perhaps in an over-reaction to having to write about something that’s “mesh free” you’ll find a lot of mesh images such as this one from a Tenzor blog post. Continue reading

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I’m Lucas Sanchez and This Is How I Mesh

I always thought this thing called CFD was exclusively for NASA and F1, things so far away from where I stand that they seemed unreachable. Yet here I am.

I’m from Murcia, a small region from the southeast of Spain with a climate similar to California but hotter and drier. I studied industrial engineering in university, a five-year degree with a strong focus on the theoretical bases underlying the main industrial fields: mechanics, electricity, thermal engineering, structures, and fluids. There I met Francisco Sanchez and Francisco Nicolas, my two colleagues who are brilliant in mathematics. While I finished my degree and went to study an MBA and work abroad (over the last five years I’ve lived in France, Greece, Mexico and Spain), they stayed at the university researching fluid dynamics for their PhDs.

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CFD in Aerospace America’s Year in Review 2018

aiaa-yir-2019-cover-croppedWe’re already one month into the new year but I finally finished reading Aerospace America’s 2018 Year in Review issue, my favorite issue of AIAA’s magazine. I looked for CFD throughout the issue and here’s what I found.
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This Week in CFD

shuttle-ETJobs, internships, and events seem to be the order of the week with lots of hiring and lots of announced CFD and meshing conferences. From the long-read department comes several articles on shape optimization, open-source, and geometry modeling issues. And there’s a nice article on something from the CFD toolchain that gets less recognition than meshing: overset grid assembly, this time in the form of NASA’s Pegasus 5. The image here is from that article. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

create-genesisThis week we’ve included a lot of commentary on an article about automatic mesh generation that appeared on the Digital Engineering 247 website. Like last week, there are several job postings worth sharing. And as always there’s a lot of software and application updates like the relatively new CREATE Genesis package for educational uses (their CFD solution shown here).  Continue reading

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Webinar: High-Order Mesh Generation Using Pointwise

version_18_2_high-order_webinar_closeupHere’s your opportunity to learn how to generate high-order meshes using the latest version of Pointwise. This on-demand webinar uses the Rotor 37 benchmark geometry as a test case to not only demonstrate mesh curving and degree elevation but several other new time-features in the software. Continue reading

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