25 Years of CFD Meshing

25Years-onlyWhile you were enjoying your day off yesterday, Pointwise silently turned 25 years old. We had already celebrated with a lot of you at the reception we hosted at AIAA Aviation this summer in Dallas. (If only that rainstorm hadn’t delayed so many flights.) Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

altair-edemThe past two weeks have yielded two “must see” CFD articles. The first is on the data management and visualization aspects of using pressure sensitive paint in wind tunnel testing of NASA’s Space Launch System. The second delves into splines which are so essential to geometry modeling and meshing. There’s lots of other news too, including the anouncement of Altair’s acquisition of DEM Solutions. The image shown here is a screen capture from a video about the acquisition showing one application of EDEM.
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I’m Kristen Karman-Shoemake and This Is How I Mesh

I was born in Arlington, TX and spent most of my childhood in and around the Fort Worth area. When I was in high school, my family moved to Chattanooga, TN. I then went on to UTK for my undergraduate degree. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life and ended up pursuing many different interests. I always enjoyed Latin, so I kept taking Latin classes and eventually added Greek to the mix, all while trying to figure out what my primary major should be. It took five years, but I finally graduated with a double major in Mathematics and Classical Languages (a major in Latin language and a minor in Greek language) in 2011.

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Meet Michael Honke, Our Intern for the Fall Semester

Michael-Honke-2A few weeks ago we welcomed Michael Honke to Pointwise’s Product Development team. Michael is currently completing a masters in computer science at the University of Waterloo.  Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

simulia-xflow-motorbikeICYMI (and how could you), we begin this week’s round up of CFD and CAE news with articles about PTC’s announcment that they will acquire Onshape and bring the latter’s “CAD as a service” alongside Creo and their other “on premise” CAD sofware. (Onshape, on cloud, on premise, onward.) Also, IGA software provider Coreform acquired meshing software provider csimsoft. But the news isn’t all business. There’s a cool simulation of an aircraft taking off in a crosswind and the Xflow simulation of a motorcycle with rotating wheels shown here.
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This Week in CFD

velovettaThis week’s CFD news includes an amazing simulation of a Mars lander done with FUN3D and a couple of interesting job openings from our friends at Siemens. And from the world of unique CFD applications comes the one shown here from VeloVetta for cycling shoes. Continue reading

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Linking Mesh, Geometry, and CFD – MeshLink

mixed-order-adapted-meshAt next week’s International Meshing Roundtable in Buffalo, I’ll be presenting an update on work being done by Nick Wyman and our Applied Research team on something we call MeshLink. The project is all about devising a method for giving CFD flow solvers robust access to B-Rep NURBS geometry models so they can do things like surface mesh adaptation involving point insertion and point movement.
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