This Week in CFD

Large_Eddy_Simulation_With_Adaptive_Mesh_RefinementThis week’s roundup of CFD news is full of even more things to read including the latest installment of a series comparing different CFD software and the latest from an NSF funded effort to create a new CFD software infrastructure. Then there’s reading about writing and writing about reading. It’s all very meta. The image shown here is a CONVERGE CFD result from Resolved Analytic’s comparison of semi-comprehensive CFD software. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

orca-5415Today’s post should be called This Week in Applied CFD because it’s virtually all applications of CFD or meshing or visualization. This is actually a good thing because use of CFD to obtain engineering data is what it’s all about. Shown here is an Orca3D CFD result for the DTMB 5415 hull.
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Flow Visualization Showcase at AIAA Aviation – Enter by 19 April

flow-viz-showcase-at-aviation-robinEntrants are sought for the 3rd Flow Visualization Showcase to be held at AIAA Aviation on June 18th in Dallas. If you have a cool visualization and are presenting work at Aviation (or have presented at any AIAA conference since the last showcase in 2017) read on for the prizes you might win during this fun event. Continue reading

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This Week in CFD

full-3D-SAW-filter_v3This week’s CFD news includes a must-watch video of an LES simulation, a very cool application of CFD to downhill skateboarding, and a good overview of where simulation now fits into all aspects of a design process. Of course, there’s also plenty of mesh goodness including this image from a big announcement from Onscale. Continue reading

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I’m Josh Dawson and This Is How I Mesh

One afternoon on an excruciatingly hot summer day in Texas, as I was taking phone call after phone call working as a 401(k) specialist at Fidelity Investments – I decided to go back to school to get my Masters of Engineering in Aerospace. My parents were thrilled by my decision and my friends thought I had lost my mind! Until this point, I had not provided any tangible evidence I was capable of achieving such a goal.

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This Week in CFD

zj-projectaimstThis week’s CFD news includes articles and videos that share the work and thoughts of three people in the CFD world who are worth getting to know. Shown here are CFD results for turbulence downstream of a nozzle exit with noise shown in grayscale on the symmetry plane, work done by ZJ Wang’s team at the University of Kansas. Continue reading

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Automatic (not Automated) Meshing

AutoMesh-GeomToMesh-CaseStudy-Main-Image-croppedFor the past 18 months we have been working with MIT on an U.S. Air Force funded project to automatically generate an unstructured or hybrid mesh on and around virtually any geometry model. This work was presented at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 and again at AIAA SciTech 2019. As this research comes to a close, we’re beginning to move the technology into the production software.
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